The Bigger Your Fear, The Bigger Your Purpose

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If you’ve felt stuck for a while, I want you to know it is likely because of 2 things:
1- There is a fear, an unconscious block which is keeping you in a holding pattern
2- The fear is here to teach you something that will allow you to reach a whole new level of success, purpose and happiness.

In a way your fears and challenges are the guardians of the treasure that you will find at the next level.

Like dragons they’re standing between you and what you deeply desire.

These guardians show up in the 3D as challenges to bring your attention to something that is preventing you from growing & being ready for your purpose:
A toxic way of thinking or behaving, a habit, a fear, a relationship, a job, a belief system that just cannot go with you to the next level.

Whatever it is- doesn’t fit the big purpose you have.

You need to become aware of it and let it go.

When I first heard- the bigger the fear, the bigger the purpose it struck a loud  chord with me. 

I stopped feeling so ashamed of having fears and blocks.
I decided to allow them to teach me their wisdom, instead of making myself a victim.

I know you have a big vision, a strong sense of purpose and I bet you have some big fears and obstacles too.

It comes with the territory, on a spiritual level, you asked for it!

Are you ready to let them go so you can move to the next level of your life?Come join me for Awaken Your Soul Gifts we start session 1 Tuesday 5th July 2022.

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Angel Blessings
Rachel x


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