Protection Techniques for Sensitives & Empaths

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“Sometimes I think,
I need a spare heart to feel
all the things I feel.”
― Sanober Khan

Sometimes I forget how important it is to protect my energy when I am in crowded places.  as a sensitive and psychic empath I can soak up the emotions and even the physical feelings of other people. I can pick up the emotional energy in a room and if I am not careful, absorb it.

I am so sensitive that even though I do not generally drink alcohol, I can still feel the effects  just being in the company of a few well-oiled folks! A hangover when you haven’t had a drink is no fun, but thankfully there is a quick way to remedy it!

Have you ever experienced the ill effects of absorbing energy? It can really drag you down and you may not even know why you feel unwell, anxious, or depressed

For many years I did not completely understand my sensitivity and I used to think that all my feelings were all my own. I even felt guilty that i seemed to be so up and down!

Once I discovered my sensitive nature and how to manage it. I learned how to discern between my feelings and other people’s and how to not take on everything from the world around me.

This balanced my emotions and helped me to connect with the real me!

Through learning more about my energy, I also discovered my natural gift as a channel for angelic communication and energy healing.

All those years of struggling with feeling too much suddenly made sense. My sensitivity was part of my life’s purpose!

Your ability to feel and sense emotional energy is a part of your purpose too, you may not be a healer or involved in the spiritual world but your own sensitivity will serve you in powerful ways if you allow it.

Once I’d purified my own auric field I began to see and sense the energy of the world and the spirit world much more clearly.  My superpower is to see the emotional and physical blocks to life force energy in the body and remove them for people!

I no longer take on all the energy of my clients and the people around me because I know how to properly protect and clear myself.

Nowadays I can immediately tell when I am feeling something that is not my own because clearinng my energy regularly helps me to tune into my own body and emotions.

I know how to release toxic energies from myself, other people and even buildings and locations and I can teach these simple skills to those who need them.

Since I wrote my first book “Loving Your Sensitive Self: A guide to managing and protecting your sensitive energy” 13years ago I have noticed more and more people are becoming highly sensitive.

They are feeling and absorbing fear-based energies from the world, they are experiencing more allergies and reactions to toxins and chemicals, they are sensing changes in the planet and in their own lives as well as tuning into spiritual beings.

This huge shift has occurred because the world itself is changing, you are changing and evolving to bring more light and balance into the world we live in.

You are part of this wave of Divinely planned changes, and right now your heightened sensitivity means that you are growing and aligning with the higher frequencies of love. This also means you are more aware and sensitive to the lower frequencies of fear.

As a sensitive you can sense your inner guidance, the messages from your angels to align with your soul purpose and a healthier, happier planet.

Everyone absorbs and feels energy to some degree but not everyone is aware of it. Highly sensitive people are very susceptible to negative energy  and they are conscious of these affects. Lower vibes can create unidentifiable pain and illness, roller-coaster emotions, nausea,  anxiety, depression, dizziness and a whole realm of other symptoms.

I help adults and children who have all kinds of debilitating problems and even illnesses simply by teaching them to clear and protect their auric field. The change is powerful and often instantaneous.

Properly cleansing your energy on a regular basis can and will make you feel better and release long-term problems and blocks from your life. You will manifest more easily because your vibration will raise the moment you drop the dense frequencies of negativity from within and around you.

As a psychic attuned to energy, I notice that many people are walking around in a fuzzy black cloud of energy, totally unaware that they are carrying stress and other lower energies with them. Some deal with it by drinking alcohol or using other unhealthy ways to cope, some take it out on others, projecting anger and negativity outwards.

There is another, better way, but first, we must accept and learn to love our sensitive selves.

People can feel shame about being sensitive, it’s my intention to help to rid the world of that judgemental perception for good. It is time that we recognize sensitivity for what it is, an intuitive, vital, and natural part of being human.

Sensitive people need help knowing how to manage their feelings and protect their energy. This clears up the difficulties of being empathic and helps attune your sensitive energy to become a reliable intuitive guide. Awareness is power! You can stop feeling like a misfit, powerless to stop the onslaught, and take control of your life.

Here are some signs that you may be an intuitively Sensitive Person

  1. You sense what other people are feeling- you cry if someone else crie, you feel drained around some people and excited around others depending on their mood.
  2. You experience the physical symptoms of other people, your back aches or you get a headache or other pain when you are around or emotionally connected with those who are unwell but the feeling goes away when you leave their presence.
  3. You soak up the emotional energy and stress of other people,  if you are around stress you absorb it and it adds to your own, you find crowds unbearable, you feel ill in certain company, your stomach aches when life gets stressful and harsh, you sense if there has been or will be a conflict in a room or building.
  4. You have deep empathy and compassion for animals, people, the planet. (often feeling unbearable sadness)
  5. You can feel fatigued or emotional without knowing why
  6. You have to spend time alone to recharge your energy and discharge the energy you have absorbed from the world.
  7. You are intuitive sometimes and other times foggy and disconnected.
  8. You can feel connected to people even at a distance, you can feel their thoughts and even sense if they are unwell or thinking of you.(positively or negatively)
  9. You have been told you are over-sensitive, too emotional, dramatic etc so you carry guilt about your sensitive feelings and try to hide them.

These are just a few of the symptoms of sensitive and energy aware people.
If you said yes to 2-3 of these then you are probably aware of your sensitivity. You may be in the habit of dismissing your feelings and even try to override them to fit in and because you do not know what else to do!

Sensitives are here to  change the world, but first they need to be are true to themselves. The harsh energy of war, cruelty, pollution, and greed can only exist in a world of insensitives!

I have been sensitive since childhood, I’ve often felt that the world was too much for me and wondered if I somehow landed on the wrong planet.

So many people told me I was too sensitive or even faking my feelings. I worried that I was somehow creating drama in my life and did everything I could to toughen up. That only made it worse!

My first few years as a healer were a fast track education to learning how to manage my deep empathy. I was becoming burnt out from absorbing all my client’s energies!

Once I learned to honour and master my own energy, not block it, I became very clear psychically and I started to understand and see the energy of the world and in others. My life transformed because I was no longer drained, exhausted and full of doubt.

There are three steps to changing your life experience as a sensitive:

  1. Awareness- becoming more aware of your true sensitive nature and  how your energy field responds.
  2. Clearing- Regularly cleansing your aura and chakras will give you more vitality and clarity and help you to release all the pain and heaviness  you are carrying and absorbing for others.
  3. Protection-Learning to protect your energy field- will help you to prevent absorbing and carrying negative vibrations.                            Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and
    Anyone can learn these three steps to increase their intuition, open their energy and feel more grounded and connected, for sensitives these methods can be life-changing. You won’t stop feeling deeply and being compassionate but you CAN stop suffering as a result of absorbing all the fear and pain in the world.

Wouldn’t you like to have the power over your own emotions and body? Take control of your vibration and learn to manage your sensitivity

There are many more energy techniques for sensitives in my books : Loving Your Sensitive Self and My Life with Angels and you can go to my free Angel Library and Store to download my energy clearing and protecting meditations

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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