5 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy

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Do you ever feel as if your skin isn’t thick enough to navigate this world?

Spiritual protection is super important for energy sensitive people with big hearts to safeguard your energy, your possessions and your body.

It will help if you easily take on the negative energies of others,,, and when you feel drained around computers or chronic complainers.

It helps if you, like me, can be deeply moved by tragic news reports or seeing an unhappy animal ( ugh I can’t even write that without tearing up!)

Energy protection is must if you ever feel like a magnet for creeps and energy thieves!

Psychic Protection is a big subject and an essential part of life, like cleaning your teeth and having your tyres checked. Done correctly, shielding will prevent negativity from penetrating your peace of mind.

Wrapping yourself in Divine Love also preserves your vital life force so you can
and listen to a client or friend’s heartache without taking it on as your own.

However, like contraception, energy protection is not always 100% effective!

Your thoughts and actions matter too.

As the Arabic proverb suggests: “Trust in God but tie up your camel”

All that said, angelic energy protection is a powerful way to avoid repeating painful life lessons and may even save your life.

5 Ridiculously simple and effective Angelic Protection Methods:

  1. The Ring of Light-

You have probably heard of visualising yourself in a bubble for protection, but did you know there is an ancient method called the ring of light which has been used for centuries as protection against evil?

Whenever you feel vulnerable make a clear intention to wrap yourself in a bright circle of holy Divine Golden light extending outwards from your body. This particular shield along with your faith is impenetrable and discourages lower energies of all kinds.

  1. Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is THE Universal archetype of protection against anything or anyone which would do you harm.  Available to ALL of us AA Michael predates religion, he is ancient and fierce with his sword of light and fiery blue light.

When you call sincerely on Archangel Michael, simply just by saying or thinking strongly ” Archangel Michael! Please help” His presence is akin to switching on the lights in a stadium, all darkness will back off or disappear!

I have called on Archangel Michael during nightmares, unpleasant visitations and anytime I have felt vulnerable and it always works. He has saved me from a potential car accident more than once and even rescued me when I ran out of fuel on a busy street!

Simply invoking  his presence will calm your mind so you can take sensible action. Part of his protection is guidance, he may nudge you to remove yourself from a situation, call the police, slow down, keep walking, and so on. Sometimes help will arrive instantly in the form of another person or he may create a miracle which saves your life. ( I wrote an entire chapter on the real life miracles of Archangel Michael in my book My Life with Angels

Crystals for Protection

For years I have worn crystals to fortify me when healing or reading for clients, sometimes in my bra, on a necklace or bracelet or simply in a pocket or on my desk.

Programmed crystals can add another layer of protection to your aura and help you in staying clear and focused in challenging situations.

My favourites for spiritual and energy protection are Amethyst for psychic protection and energy sustenance,  Sugilite is aligned with Archangel Michael and is highly spiritually protective, Black tourmaline is ideal for blocking negative thoughts , curses and psychic attack, and will also protect your body against electromagnetic frequencies ,turquoise is a native american stone traditionally used for protection and connection to ancestor spirits. It also strengthens my voice when I teach and speak. They act as a buffer and a sponge soaking up negative vibes.

Please remember to cleanse your crystals daily if you wear them, they get very clogged!

Protection prayers

Energy protection without prayerful intention is like buying cheap tyres, they work but you have to update them often!

Saying a simple daily prayer whilst visualising or sensing light and angels around you will build a strong vibration of Divine LOVE within your aura.

People will say-“there is just something about you” because you radiate light, calm and the frequency of Love

Say something like: Divine Spirit, Angels I thank you for surrounding me today and protecting me spiritually, psychically, financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and in all ways. May the light of God surround me constantly, may all lower energies be taken to the Light, may all the energy I need today come from the Light and may I be blessed in all that I do, and so it is AMEN” 

Watch this weeks video reading to take part in a powerful protection prayer

The cloak of light

Do you ever get the feeling someone or many people are thinking of you? No matter if they blame you for their unhappiness, or because they are obsessing about you in a romantic way it doesn’t matter, if it is strong enough, you can feel it.

Whether it’s your clients, fans or a frenemy you can feel those thought tendrils and they can effect your energy, your sleep and the quality of the thoughts you think!

There are times when we all need a break, no matter how much we love someone, and that can mean a rest from being mentally and energetically available! To get a good rest, imagine putting on a dark purple velvet cloak with a hood, long sleeves and a belt. Wrap yourself in the heavenly cloak and feel the immense peace as you are suddenly released of all external pressure! It is amazing and you will get some rest. ( make sure you turn your phone off too!)

Energy protection takes care of your energy vibration, whilst keeping you centred in Love. 
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Energy Therapist and Leading Transformational Spiritual Teacher

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