6 Signs that You are A True Healer

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Today I want to share with you the 6 signs that  healing is part of your Divine life purpose.

Energy medicine is an incredibly powerful way to heal and create transformation.  The angels love to work through healers to channel their high frequency healing energy.

More and more Lightworkers are feeling called to healing, often with no idea why.

Others are receiving spiritual nudges to set up their healing businesses to impact more people.

Do you sense that healing could be part of your Divine Life purpose?

Here are 6 signs that it is part of your purpose to be a healer:

1- Your hands heat up or tingle.

When you are ready to awaken to your purpose as an energy healer your hand chakras begin to activate creating sensations in your hands.

As a healer, hands may heat up or tingle whenever you give healing, or even talk or think about healing and especially when  you encounter someone in need of healing.

Regular chakra clearing is a powerful way to accelerate your healing gifts. Ask Archangel Raphael, the healing angel to work with you and guide you.

2-You feel drawn to the healing arts:

There are many healing modalities: Reiki,Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Pellowah are just a few.

As a budding healer you may synchronistically meet healers and teachers who can inspire and guide you. Your spiritual guides and angels will arrange these meetings  as a way of leading you to the information and the path you need to take.

Your ego may throw up resistance at this point. This is normal. Even after my third introduction to Reiki 20 years ago I still resisted being attuned to Reiki 1 and did all I could to wriggle out of it! Thankfully I reluctantly went to the training and it turned out to be one of the most positive, transformative experiences a of my life.

Setting me firmly on my path as a healer.

Nowadays I am used to students postponing their training, self sabotaging, and creating all manner of avoidance tactics.!

If this is you pease remember The bigger your fear, the bigger your purpose. Keep the faith and take a step, the angels have big plans for you and will support you if you ask.

3-You attract people and animals who need your help. Are you forever finding wounded birds or other creatures who flourish in your care or pass peacefully away with your loving presence?

People and creatures feel better around you. They’re attracted to your healing aura and they sense the extra energy you radiate.

Vibrational healers may receive the same basic training but they can evolve into different purposes; some are here to heal the planet and sacred sites, others feel called to assist animals and birds, others excel at distance healing or face to face for their individual clients or groups. Your guides and angels will guide you and your healing powers and gifts will develop in a unique way.

Ask for angelic help to attract the right clients and people to you and to help you to help others. 

4-You understand energy.

As an intuitive, sensitive or empath you have a sixth sense about energy and vibration. You can see or sense the energy of a space or a person.

You may be able to see, sense or feel blocks in people’s energy fields or chakra systems. You are very attuned to the vibrational atmosphere.

Energy speaks to you even if you don’t quite understand what it all means.

Natural born healers understand energy and may even have medical intuitive skills.

It’s very important to have formal training in a healing modality from a high integrity teacher, so you can learn a framework, ethics and also good energy protection.

5-You’ve been given a healing light, a flame or an orb in dreams, meditations or visions.

Healers have special guides appointed to their path as a healer. A special Archangel, Angel or Ascended master shows up as one of your guides to help you develop your gifts.

Archangel Raphael is the healers guardian angel and his green healing light can be seen in the aura of healers.

Your dreams and meditations can involve a lot of healing and teaching to prepare you for your healing purpose.

When I committed to becoming a professional healer I was visited almost nightly by Archangels Michael and Raphael. Sometimes I attended a classroom in my dreams where I was given special instruction. This is a common theme with natural healers.

You may or may not remember your dreams but you wake up knowing you’ve been in a spirtual classroom or healing temple.

6-You are a giver.

You want to make the world a better place, you sense the need in people and intuitively remove their blocks or add healing energy to them without effort.

This can leave you feeling drained or overloaded if you’re doing this a lot and without proper protection and training.

The biggest spiritual lesson that natural healers need to learn is that true healing comes THROUGH you, not FROM you.

The second biggest lesson is CARE DON’T CARRY. You cannot absorb the pain energy you help others release, you have to know how to transmute and release it without taking it on.

Believe me when I say that you’ll burn out quicker than a cheap tealight candle if  you don’t learn and integrate these lessons!

The world needs healers, angel messengers and spiritual leaders and teachers! If you feel drawn to learn more about healing or expand your healing practice to reach more people, then please know these nudges are synchronistic signs that will lead you to fulfil your Divine life purpose and bring peace and healing to you and others.

Take a small step in the direction you are being guided. Enquire about a course, read a book, sign up for a class and ask for help in overcoming your fear!

Do you want to take the next step to fulfill your purpose as a healer? 

I can help!

Contact me To find out about Awaken your Soul Gifts Intuitive Development Program starting June 2022

I am taking a small number of bookings for  1-1 Reiki training via Zoom. Get in touch to find out more. 

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Are you a healer? Comment below and tell me what you do. Feel free to share this blog with your healing friends. 

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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  1. Emily Lipscombe

    Hi Rachel

    I really enjoyed your blog tonight! I would love to find out more about your Reiki session and the price.

    Have a good sleep,I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

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    Emily Lipscombe

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