What is Really Standing Between You and Your Dreams?

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I work with beautiful people every day who are either looking to heal a health issue or a sticky emotional problem or are trying to manifest a deep desire. My energy therapy sessions involve identifying and releasing the blocks that stand in the way and shifting the mindset to consciously create and receive the desired outcome.

Here are 5 of the common blocks to manifesting and some suggestions how to overcome them:

A Lack of Faith: In my healing and guidance sessions I ask my client how much faith they have that they can achieve what they want. After years of working with healing and manifesting I know how vital self belief and faith are to achieving anything. If it is for your highest good, and you can see it, you can achieve it. Keep affirming that you are already there. Even a tiny shred of faith is enough to achieve and overcome almost anything. Faith in yourself and faith in the Divine will guide you through the ups and downs of life and keep you going when you otherwise may give up.

Find a way to imagine yourself peacefully receiving and achieving your dreams or healing from the problem. Let the vision unfold naturally, never force it. then create an affirmation that it has already happened. The How is not your concern. As you put out your desire your energy will imprint with the positive vision. The Divine will reply with inner nudges, minds eye movies of what to do. Your faith will attract helpful people and unexpected opportunities. One step at a time, you will be guided forward. Sometimes forcing an issue will delay it further. Not all dreams are answered in the way you imagine. Always ask for Divine will not your will to avoid control issues.

Resentment– resentment is like velcro for problems and barriers. The energy of resenting a person is so powerful it can outweigh anything else in your consciousness. Have you noticed how hard it is to concentrate on achieving what you want when someone has really p@#$ed you off? – Goodwill however creates a force-field of protection around you, magnetizing your good to you at great speed.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you was great advice as it turns out, because in this energy based universe the resentful thoughts you send out to other people bounce back to you, not always from the person you sent them to either, often your karma ( good and bad) will meet you from elsewhere.
Sending love to yourself in times of stress and neutralizing the vibes you send to your enemies is a beautiful way to create new good karma and shift yourself out of a pattern of old beliefs. Your good vibes will mirror back at you from all angles bringing you in alignment with your heart’s desire and healing seeming problems. You simply cant afford the high price of resentment. Cut your cords, cast it out and let it go! ( eleventy billion times if that is what it takes!)

Fear– Anxiety can be the mind’s way of trying to keep you safely tucked in your comfort zone by throwing up imagined scary scenarios. This creates a mental wall of resistance, which can feel impossible to overcome. Fear of failure, fear of other people’s opinions, fear of change, unnameable anxieties all contribute to a cascade of stress chemicals and a deep desire to hide in bed. Some fears are well founded though but they are more direct and clear than the endless train of worries.

Fear by its very nature is an illusion, it is a belief in limitation and problems which do not exist in the Divine Mind. The best way to overcome a fear is courage. Act as if they dont exist. Most fears will dissolve once you face them. As Florence Scovel Shinn says: Walk up to the lion in your path and it will turn into a pussy cat.

A great way to face and overcome unknown fears is to write down every single fear and block you can think of relating to your desire. Even if it seems silly, get it out of your brain and on to the page. Read them through aloud asking the angels to release and clear them from your mind, body and energy. Then place the paper in a bowl of water to drown and dissolve the fear energy. Then go and take a step towards your hearts desire.

Disappointment: Many people are afraid to even ask for what they really want because of the fear that they won’t get it. It seems easier to just not even try than to risk disappointment. The anticipation of disillusionment stagnates and puts the brakes on life in a big way.
We are born creators, it is in our nature to have ideas and desires, I believe that our passionate wishes come from our souls, planted by Divine forces. If we don’t ever try, then we do not grow. Maybe the pursuit of those soul desires will teach us something, create joy for others and ourselves. Passion and enthusiasm give us life force and fuel to achieve our deepest aspirations. Recognize the ego desires by their transient nature. They wont fire you with the same excitement and wont bring happiness. You can overcome fear of disappointment by cutting your energy cords to past experiences and by recognizing yourself as part of a greater plan.

Ask your angels to help you to know that if your desire is Divinely inspired. Never feel bad for having your heart centered desires. guilt will block you!Try to imagine how your desire will bring joy to others. No matter what happens you are guided, loved and protected

Not Taking Action- You can think about your desire, dream, pray, manifest, make a lovely vision board but if you don’t act then it wont happen. The Universe LOVES action, take inspired steps – big steps towards your dream. If you don’t you cause a kind of energy bottle neck in your life which can feel awful. You may even experience a temporary illness, and other issues that come from stagnation, frustration and resistance. Your soul wants to move forward, and you holding back is unhealthy.
Life is ever changing, and moving, we have to go with the flow, we have to follow our unique golden pathway. I can think of nothing worse than looking back on life and wondering what may have been.
Light a candle and sit in front of it with a writing pad and pen, ask yourself what is the next logical step to achieving my dream? Write down the first thing that comes to mind.  Then write down all the other ACTION steps that you can think of and commit to making them. Grow where you are- many people feel they cant move ahead because they cant afford the step they think they must take. For instance years ago I felt I had to have a website, but the cost was prohibitive at the time. I actually did not need one, I grew my business by print at home flyers and facebook. I grew from where I was. If I had waited I may have never gotten started!
Remember action is something that will cause an outer effect:-print business cards for your new business and then go out and put them on notice boards. Apply for the job, re write your resume and send it out.

There are many ways to achieve your dreams, and dissolving the blocks and barrier of fear and negativity will open the way!

Think big, be brave, let go of the outcome and expand your positive energy. Learn from your disappointments, release the past,  nurture and heal yourself through the hard times, always find a way to seek to serve others in someway. Be honest with yourself and change course when it feels right to do so.

Love Rachel x

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