How to Protect Your Spiritual Gifts

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How to protect your Spiritual Gifts

Have you noticed that you’re being called to help and heal more people lately?

We’re in challenging times.

As as an intuitive, empathic soul, you can attract those in need of healing, compassion,and advice.

It’s as if you have a huge light over your head!💫🤔

Because you do!😉

Especially if it’s part of your life purpose to be a healer, therapist, intuitive, or angel communicator.

The angels need a lot of help to heal the world and usher in a new, more loving consciousness.

It’s a big job.

This is why so many are waking up to their purpose right now.

Please never dismiss your desire to make a difference and bring your own brand of healing and wisdom.

The down-side to all of this is that if you don’t protect your gifts and energy you can become burnt out from over-giving and trying to carry the pain and fear for those you encounter.

The world is full of over- giving lightworkers who don’t like to say “No”,

If this is you,you might find people may expect too much of you and treat you as a free 24 hour helpline. This can seriously drain and derail you.

Which is why it is vital that you learn to protect your gifts and energy with boudaries so you can share them without over-giving.

Spiritual people can carry a lot of out-dated and impossible-to-meet expectations about themselves and what it means to be of-service.

Which means you can wind up with compassion fatigue, feeling resentful and worn out. You may wonder why the Universe isn’t giving back to you.

But it’s really because you’re blocked by  a cycle of giving only and not receiving or valuing what you have!

If you aren’t looking after yourself and balancing your energetic needs, you risk depleting, or even closing down your intuitive and healing gifts.

So today I’m sharing the 4 areas to set boundaries to protect you and the gifts you came to share with the world.

 4 ways to protect your spiritual, psychic, and healing gifts:

1- You are the only one who can protect your energy, time and space.

Take full responsibility for protecting yourself and don’t expect others to notice whn you’re over-doing it and stop asking or taking.

They won’t.

You teach people how to treat you by setting healthy boundaries. You can renegotiate your limits at any time!

2- Have boundaries around when and where you are available

Many lightworkers tend to feel that because they’re spiritually gifted, they’re supposed to give to whomever asks, when they ask.

This is an unrealistic belief.

I’ve been asked to tune in by well-meaning folk, while I was having my eyebrows waxed, enjoying lunch at a country pub, and even when I was in the supermarket!

In days gone by I’d aquiesce because I didn’t have the words readily available to decline.

After a few of those messy incidents I became crystal clear about what I did (and did not) want to do!

Thn created a prepared sentence so I was ready (you can use it if you like): Thanks for asking. I’d like to continue (enjoying my treatment/ shopping, eating) right now, but I’d love to book you in for a time when I can give you my best attention -why don’t you call in business hours/ book on my website so we can set that up?

3- Be clear about what you’re available for! 

Knowing what you are and are not available for helps you to manage expectations and say no when something is out of alignment.

For instance: I don’t give readings on unethical or egoic subjects like when someone is going to pass away.  I’d never read or send healing to someone without their permission. Once I’ve finished a reading- I don’t offer endless follow up and tune in’s.

Ethics protect you and those you serve. It’s important to give yourself permission to say no and recognise you don’t need to meet the expectations of others if they’re outside of your boudaries.

4-Have a policy about freebies.

If you give, give, give, and don’t receive, at some point you (and those you give to) will experience the “gap” as depletion, scarcity, resentment and guilt.

When it comes to psychic or healing services, there are a rare few who can afford to generously give them for free or a low fee. Usually because they are abundantly supported by another income.

If that doesn’t apply to you, then please, please let go of any out-dated, guilt-ridden ideas that you’re meant to give your services away for zero or low cost.

You are not.

I meet lots of spiritual business owners who chronically undercharge and give lots of freebies because they fear charging appropriately. They feel bad about asking for money.

Then they struggle to keep their business going!

Yes, in olden times the village healer was taken care of by the community for their services.This lifetime the energy of exchange is currency and there is nothing bad or wrong about earning money.

Think of it this way: Your Divine gift was given to you so you can take responsibility for yourself while being of service to others.

When your cup is full, then you can do some pro-bono work or give to charity (or not).Until then, let go of guilt and ego, and recognise that your scarcity mindset is trapping you in an unhealthy cycle.

Your gifts are needed, but not at the detriment of your health and well-being. When you value them so will those you serve.

I teach about ethics, boundaries, pricing and how to protect your spiritual gifts in my Angel Communication Certification and the How to Build and Grow Your Spiritual business Course. This video course is available at an early bird price here for 1 more week

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Author.Learn more here


  1. maureen

    Thankyou for this as I’m a situation where a friend wants me to look after her as she’s got a sore back
    and other problems going on plus she has depression as well. That little voice is saying NO and this has
    given me permission not to feel guilty with my decision of not being available when she thinks I should
    be there.

    Blessing for your help

    • Rachel

      That’s good to read Maureen. I’m glad you’re setting a boundary and looking after your energy whilst not feeling guilted into living up to her expectation of you!
      Blessings Rachel

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