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A few weeks ago I had a moment of panic. Buyers regret: I’d bought something very desirable and expensive on my credit card. It’s been a while since I even used the card, it was just easiest at the time. I hate having a debt of any kind. This comes from experiences in my early working life when I had NO idea about how to handle money and gleefully gathered a pile of debt using store credit cards. My financial naivete almost broke me back then and caused lots of arguments with my lovely ,very money savvy, dad!

Later when I came to Australia as a backpacker I learned to live frugally on my hard earned savings from 3 jobs. I finally had some money sense and never went into debt again though I was a bit too giving at times, to my detriment.

When I started my business as a healer, I went through dreadful financial struggles again, with a limited working visa, no other income and recently separated from my husband.  I was in dire straits for months. I managed to get through those hard times living on baked beans and making a loaf of bread last as long as possible. I had an account at the local produce store for my animals food. I worked super hard to attract clients and be the best I could be as a therapist, psychic and teacher so my business would flourish and I could continue to do the work I loved.

During that time I discovered the Law of Attraction. The knowledge about manifesting made so much sense and it changed EVERYTHING!  My strong connection with my angels and the knowledge that I  could attract clients and money was a lifesaver at the time. Though I was scared, alone and living more than 16, 000 km from my family, in a different hemisphere I never thought of giving up.

My angels guided me to build my business using metaphysical and practical methods. It worked, I quickly changed my financial situation and built a successful practice and a great reputation as a healer from nothing!

Those hard times have never left me, somewhere deep in my subconscious they still drive me because after spending up BIG, I had a mini freak out!

I know enough by now that this was a GOLDEN opportunity to heal an unhealthy belief that could be negatively affecting my prosperity manifesting, so I sat down with a journal, my smudge stick and a determination to clear my energy of fear and lack.

Thoughts of fear and lack are the opposite of prosperity, they build a wall of resistance and stop you from receiving what you need and want. You may be doing all the right things to manifest your desire but if you have a subconscious belief that you do not deserve good or if you are holding guilt that you shouldn’t ask for more or even harboring a deep fear of losing what you DO have,  then those manifestations will be delayed or even repelled from you.

In my meditation and chat with my angels, I discovered that I was indeed holding onto old guilt, past guilt about the younger me and her over excitement with store credit cards, shame when  people told me off for spending money on myself and recent guilt for making a purchase even though it was something I  needed and could afford. I remembered an incident where my partner had told me off for spending some money on myself (even though it was my money) because we were saving for a car. I still felt that guilt of spending and it was showing up NOW even though I could easily afford what I had bought.

I cleared cords with all those memories and the people and forgave the people involved, including myself. I felt the heaviness leaving my body and mind.

This is not the first time I have cleared old beliefs and shame around receiving what I wanted. I also cleared past lives, vows, contracts, and familial beliefs around money and being deserving of good. Healers and empaths can carry fears about receiving money for their gifts believing deep down that they should be given away. Clearing that belief and changing my vibration around my value completely altered my income from struggle street to a constant flow.

Each time I have done this work, it has lifted barriers and helped me to get unstuck in my life. Infact feeling stuck is a sign that you have an limiting belief or other energy barrier to success in love, health, money or career.

After my deep energy cleanse, I decided to ask the Universe to replace my recent expense. After all, the Universe is the source of Divine abundance, everything is unlimited and all that you expend can be replaced and replenished. Energy, money, love, health, and support are available in infinite supply. All we need to do is to connect to the Divine energy, align through meditation, prayer and other rituals, and ASK.

Asking should be done specifically, say what you want and need with clarity. If you need $1000 then ask for $1000 (or more.) Ask for exactly what you want and add (or something better) so you don’t limit yourself!

If you want a new red VW Golf, ask for that. If you are seeking a home by the beach with privacy and a garden,  tell the angels and the Universe in writing and aloud. Be super clear and confident when you ask, don’t hold back.

Then say” According to Divine Will and for the Highest good of all”

This is so you ensure that your desires will arrive in non-dodgy ways, with integrity and peace in perfect timing. You don’t want to cause Karma with your manifesting- for instance, if the money or material item comes in ill-gotten ways that hurt another then you will wear the Karma for that!

I asked that my expenditure would be replaced and replenished and that I am given signs that my angels heard me.

2 hours later while walking Bear by the ocean, I found a perfect white feather on the beach, a true angel sign and later a 50 cent coin on my car floor. I felt that the Divine had my back and I felt calm.

The following day by 5 pm I had exactly the money I had spent in my account again.  It was amazing. The exact figure had been repaid to me Via a combination of 3 different payments coming in. The money had found me with very little effort and the Universe had again shown me the power of getting specific and asking with love. It is amazing how fast the Divine intelligence can act when you clear the fear and put out for what you want!

I have had tons of clients ask for the money to attend a program or session with me and receive that abundance almost instantly!

So what do you want? Speak it, think it and write it. Do the work to clear the barriers, the blocks, forgive, and clear out those unconcious viral thoughts and fears that are undermining your life.

Get ready to act when an opportunity, a gift or guidance comes through for you.

Then show gratitude, because gratefulness is the law of plenty!

Would you like to increase your abundance and remove your barriers to prosperity, success, and love? I have a place opening up on my intensive Rich Radiant Angel healing immersion created to clear the energy barriers that are holding you back and bring you into alignment with your vision!  Contact me to find out more

Angel blessings!

Rachel Scoltock x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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