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Today I want to talk to you about a powerful Archangel Michael Healing Technique that can help you to rapidly move forward with your life.

We all have baggage: Painful experiences, relationships and challenges which have impacted us in some way.

Those experiences only become a problem when they continue to drain our energy, causing us pain well into the future.

Have you ever had an unhappy relationship that you can’t let go of, a traumatic experience that plays over and over in your mind, an argument or a resentment that has stayed with you for months, even years?

When old negative emotional energy won’t go away it means we have become energetically corded to the person or situation.

This cord acts like a conductor,  keeping the negative energy ‘charge” alive and tethered to you, making it impossible to let go.

Cords drain your life-force and positive energy which can effect other areas of your life too including your finances, your relationships, even your health.

Thankfully there is a simple way to free yourself, reclaim your energy and release the negativity for good by cutting your cords with Archangel Michael.

I’ve used this method almost daily for the last 18 years as a healer and for myself and it’s power to heal never fails to amaze me.

Angelic Cord Cutting gives you freedom, it calls your personal energy back to you & allows you to heal and move on from the past for good.

What causes cords to attach? 

Cords are energetic links which form between ourselves and any situation or person where there is a strong fear-based emotional and mental energy.

These ties are formed through thoughts of resentment, regret, codependency, hurt, blame, guilt,  insecurity, entitlement & judgement.

They become thicker as you add more of your attention and time to the “problem”.

Energy goes where thoughts flow, which is why it can feel so difficult to LET GO of a challenging relationship or a deeply painful experience.

It’s a vicious circle: The cord keeps you mentally attached to the emotional baggage & the original wound which makes you think of it more often, which adds extra energy to the cord until you decide to consciously sever the energy connection.

Severing cords with the help of the Archangel Michael is so powerful because it instantly frees you & all the toxic energy is immediately removed to the Divine light..

Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

You can cut your cords without angels of course, but I find it more powerful & long lasting with Archangel Michael’s support.

The healing effects can be felt immediately and you will gain angel inspired insights and clarity afterwards.

Archangel Michael carries a sword of flaming light which he uses to specifically remove cords and other energy attachments.  His role is to remove and transmute toxic fear based energies from the world.

Cut Your Cords

To begin, find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle and sit as if in meditation.

Invoke Archangel Michael and request his help:


Now close your eyes and think of someone with whom you feel a negative charge. They’re likely to be at the top of your mind. Think of anyone with whom you feel conflict or discomfort.

Ask to be shown the cord’s location. (You’ll feel drawn to a body area or you’ll feel a twinge) They are mostly attached to the stomach area.

Next: ask Archangel Michael to cut the cord with this person or situation (name it) request that it be immediately transmuted to the Divine light

Breathe deeply as you let go of all your negative emotional attachment to the situation.

Tell the person or situation that you are finished with this negative attachment. You are now setting yourself and them free.

As you sense the cord being cut and lifted up, See a strong radiant white light surrounding you. See that light in the space that the old situation once filled.

Reconnect with positive energies, such as gratitude, love, abundance Divine love and peace. 

Thank Archangel Michael for his assistance and ask for his protection from here on in.

  • If you prefer to be guided through the process You can find a guided meditation to Cut Your Cords with Archangel Michael here
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Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher



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