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Are you a lightworker? Then this is a message of encouragement and love from your angels to shine your light!

The world needs people like you, who are Lightworkers: kind, giving, spiritually aware and sensitive!

It’s part of your purpose and by being authentically you, caring, generous, compassionate, non-judgemental- you automatically make a difference to the world.

You’ve experienced more than your share of dark and challenging times, but this has taught you so much and what you learned along the way will help others with their hard times.

The light you bring is needed now more than ever! So many people are struggling.

Your very presence can help people to heal and inspires them to shine their light through kindness and love too.

In this way you are a guiding light.

Recently you might have felt a deep calling to step into your purpose and help people on a bigger scale.

Your angels are asking you to share your light with more people, perhaps as a healer, counselor, coach, teacher, intuitive guide, or mentor.

You are being called to help those who are struggling and uplift the world in a way that feels good to you!

You may feel uncomfortable with this guidance, because you don’t see what your angels see in you.

Your angels wish you to know that you are ready to step into your purpose. You DO have what it takes to be a shining light and guide for others.

Your willingness to listen to and follow this guidance will truly change your life and the lives of many others for the better.

As you move into your purpose you will feel guided to make positive changes such as to take better care of your energy, develop your intuition, learn new skills so you can have confidence in your purpose as a lightworker.

Trust and follow this guidance and know your angels are with you every step of the way.

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Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

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