Let Yourself Receive!

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I’d just returned from an absolutely magical day out having visited the sacred ancient town of Glastonbury with the group on day 1 of the Sacred Sites Tour.

We’d meditated with Mary Magdalene at the chapel, ascended the famous St Michael’s Tor, drank from the healing waters at Chalice Well and connected with the Michael and Mary ley lines in the Abbey.

After returning to the hotel I’d decided last minute to go with a few other group members to the famous ancient Wells Cathedral to experience the incredible acoustics as a choir sang.

During the performance (and unexpected service) I began to cough uncontrollably as a past (and present lifetime) religous wound arose in my throat chakra.

Back at the hotel bar I confided with a lovely new friend what had come up for me. She immediately reached into her bag, drawing out an incredible carved selenite crystal and handed it to me. “use this to heal your throat” she said.

No, I couldn’t possibly… I protested. Knowing she’d carefully chosen it for herself earlier.

Let Yourself Receive” A familiar deep voice called out. (John Holland had overheard our conversation and was intervening with some soul wisdom)

At that moment I knew he speaking a soul truth.

Here I was resisting a healing gift from the heart. Why would I do that? It was related to that past life wound!

I was able to accept the gift then with deep gratitude. Gratitude for the kindness of my friend, gratitude for the gift, gratitude for John reminding me what to do, I was even grateful for my choking fit and what brought it to the surface!

I was also profoundly humbled by the lesson I was learning to let myself received- properly.

I realized that I am NOT very good at letting myself receive and being this way is holding me back in so many ways!

An unwillingness to receive is a major life block because it can lead to exhaustion, defensiveness and scarcity.

It can come from a mistaken belief that receiving is selfish or wrong. You might have learned that you weren’t worthy of receiving or putting yourself last is Holy or spiritual in someway! (all mistaken thoughts as the Divine Universe is abundant and you cannot give from an empty tank!)

When you are unwilling to receive it makes it very difficult for people, the angels (and the Universe ) to give to you.

The Divine Universe is ALWAYS trying to give to you in every moment. Your prayers are answered and then some.

If you have any resistence to receiving then you can miss out on miracles, gifts, healing, guidance and answered prayers. You push them away because of a deep unconcious fear based belief that you aren’t worthy or that you are taking away from someone else’s abundance or happiness.

But receiving a loving gift or gesture ADDS love to the word rather than takes away from it because you create joy for the giver and your gratitude is a powerful positive energy.

This experience was a massive wake up call for me!

I realized I’d been pushing good away from me and chronically overgiving.

The funny part is that if you’d asked me 5 weeks ago, if I was receptive I would have said YES because I honestly thought I was.

Now I am practicing being more receptive and noticing how my world is changing.

So this leads me to ask you…Do you let yourself receive? 

Even if the answer is yes, I invite you to investigate whether or not this is 100 percent true and if you could allow yourself to receive at an even deeper level?

Make a commitment to receive and then notice what is given to you.

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

Ps I put many photos from my trip on my Instagram and Facebook pages

PPS My next event includes Archangel Michael and his twin flame Archangel Faith-We will be clearing cords to relationships and experiences which hold you back and have kept you in a state of unworthiness and fear. Go here to find out more and book your spot. I will be sharing some more of my trip on the Archangel Michael Ley lines at this live event (replay also available)


  1. Codi

    Thank you for sharing. I am able to give with my whole heart and do so naturally yet receiving is so hard for me too. What an amazing lesson. How can I be completely open to all universal messages if I am not open to receiving? I will commit to working on being open to receiving and will do so with love and gratitude. Thank you Rachel.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      It’s amazing isn’t it that we give but can’t receive! I know your angels have so much to give to you! x

  2. Clare

    Good morning Rachel. I agree with you. I find it hard to receive. I’m an over giver. Always others before myself.
    I’ve just committed myself before the universe and all Arch Angels and Angels that I’m now ready to receive and accept great things in my life xxx

    Thank you for this xxx

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Beautifully said! I know you will notice a huge difference now you’ve committed to receive x

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