I just did this crazy wonderful last minute trip to swim with sea lions!

I traveled about 15 hours to get to this distant beautiful peninsula  teaming with sea life, where this bucket list event could take place.

Our boat was filled with a lovely bunch, united in our love of wild life. The ocean was calm, thankfully, and after 90 minutes we anchored beside a barren island that allegedly had sea lions on it, all I could see were rocks & lumps of seaweed but those lumps soon rose their whiskery noses to check out the approaching tinny.

I was first into the cold water with a crew member, who told me, we could not stand on the island but we had to shout and leap and splash to attract the sea- lions to play with us from chest deep water.

So he and I proceeded to bounce up and down in the waves, legs tangled in seaweed calling out, throwing water in the air and carrying on like a pair of galahs!

The tinny chugged between the boat and the shore dropping off more swimmers, sausaged inside neoprene, clasping go pro cameras and soon the snoozing sea lions had an audience of fifteen black suited figures being walloped by the swell.

No one except me and a couple of Americans were calling out . nothing was happening… occasionally a seal would stick her head up shuffle towards the water and then comically collapse on to the sand as if exhausted.

A woman said, ” They are not coming” A man complained,  “I am cold, I am going back to the boat”  Another said, ” me too, this is a rip off”

I said- why are you giving up now?

It shocked me at how easily negativity could slip in to such a joyous occasion and how quickly people wanted to give up.

The sea lions were responding to our energy and as a group, our energy sucked.

I realized that almost everyone expected the creatures would just be waiting for us, ready to play and perform for the cameras, the disappointment seeped into the water.

I got away from the crowd and prepared to make a dill of myself. I  crowed calling out like I would to Bear-dog, high pitched and a little goofy.

Everyone slowly joined the weird chorus, giggling and making even stranger noises, our energy rose, we were having fun and sure enough three of the cutest animals I have ever seen flip flopped into the water, soon more joined us to play. Sniffing our hands, looking at us with soulful eyes from above and below the surface, diving over our heads and cuddling one another before zooming into the depths again and appearing two inches away from my nose!

It was one of the most magical and wonderful afternoons ever, and I am so glad I did it.

The energy is still with me as well as a lesson reinforced: energy is everything!

Your energy either attracts or repels what you want.

Flat energy, negative expectation, fear and a giving up attitude will surely repel joyful experiences, abundance and the love that you are looking for.

You need to attract what you want….so you have to figure out a way to motivate yourself, to energize your body and mood and to call in those energies that you want to interact with in life!- even if you don’t feel like it

Manifestations cannot come if you are flat, bored, waiting and expecting it to just arrive. You need to interact, call it in, get loud, let the universe know what you want and keep that energy rising til what you want cannot resist you.

Sea lions are no exception to this rule we had to make them want to play, you just have to figure out how to shift your energy on a daily basis to the vibration that invites and attracts joy! Get past the pessimism and the fear of disappointment and raise your vibes!

Have a great week
Love Always Rachel

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