In this article you will learn simple steps to communicate with your angels and build a deeper connection with them.

Building a real connection with your Angels truly changes your life for the better, and it may even be life- saving!

Learning to talk to your angels means that can feel your angels support consistently. You get palpable intervention and signs at difficult and low moments, you receive loud and clear, accurate messages when you need direction, and you feel protected from negativity and harm when you feel vulnerable.

It’s my prayer that everyone learns to connect with their angels to access this stream of spiritual love, safety and guidance.

A lot of people ask me how they can connect with their angels on a deeper level! They love the angel numbers and card readings but they want a deeper more profound experience!

It’s like any relationship, you have to make the effort to develop a deep connection with your angelic guides.

There are a few essential elements to making meaningful communication with angels which I’ve not heard many teachers talk about!

Read on to learn three steps you can take right now to start the conversation with your angels.(and get  answers to your most important questions)

Step 1- Start the Conversation: Request their Help

Angels can’t fully intervene in your life unless you invite them. They wait patiently for you to ask their assistance because ofthe Law of Free Will.

If you want to develop a closer relationship with your angels, you need to ask them for help. Be clear, specific and open.

Speak out loud, or silently: Dear Guardian Angels, Please help me with xxxxxx I give you full permission to intervene and give me clear guidance and signs. Thank-you. Amen.

Ask open questions that invite guidance and signs rather than closed questions that ask for yes no answers.

e.g. Dear Angels please show me what best next step to take with (name the situation)

 Angels, please give me clear, easy to understand signs about. (xxxx)

Write your request down if you prefer.

Be honest and open hearted: pour out your emotions and be clear about what you need help with.

Make asking your angels for help a daily spiritual practice so it becomes second nature. Start now and set your phone alarm to ask for help daily!

Step 2- Use Divination Tools- Angel Oracle Cards.

Divination tools help you to receive and understand the messages that angels send to you. It’s like arranging a meeting with a friend on Zoom or at a cafe.

Angels speak in the language of Spirit with Symbols, Emotional and Physical Feelings,  Signs, Divine Inspiration, Visions, Auditory Messages and  Energy.

There are many ways to receive their messages: Through channeling and downloads into your mind (this needs to be done safely), Intuitive Guidance through your psychic senses,  automatic writing, using a pendulum and my favourite of all: Angel oracle cards!

Angel oracle cards are a practical, magical and fast way to receive crystal-clear, detailed messages on any subject. 

They’re beautiful energy tools which, when attuned intuitively, can reveal detailed, personal information (way more than is printed on the card or in the booklet)

Contrary to belief- Angel cards don’t have the full answer printed on the card but they act like a key in a lock, revealing the full message to the reader via the Angels.

When done right, Oracle Cards act as a bridge for the Angels to deliver super-clear and scarily accurate messages to you. You don’t need the booklet or the printed words to understand the message!?

When you open your psychic channels to angels, and use the cards to ask for guidance , the cards open up much like a 3D painting and the real message drops in to your awareness clear as a bell!

The Angels use the cards as a way to deliver deeply detailed- steps and directions. 

I teach my psychic angel reading technique to my students in the Angel Communication program so they can receive deeper more detailed angel messages for themselves!

You can open to intuitively reading the cards too. If you are even a little intuitive, you may find you’re really quite gifted at this!✨

Start to receive more detailed and accurate messages today by inviting the angels to speak through your card deck! .

Cleanse and dedicate your angel oracle deck with the Angels. Invoke your Angelic Guides, ask a question and pull a card DAILY!.

⚠Put the booklet away and make time to sit and receive the deeper message.Write down any guidance you receive!

In Angel Communication  Certification I’ll teach you how to receive detailed angel messages without even reading one word on the card. I’ll help you to meet the angels who surround you and download profound messages from them.

So many of my students go on to become working Angel Mediums and Psychics who pass on accurate angel messages to others after attending my certification Check out the next program dates

Step 3-Open your intuitive channels- (THIS IS BIG)

Right at the beginning of my spiritual journey I’d get so frustrated! I was asking, praying, meditating, but I couldn’t hear the guidance or see my angels when I wanted to. It felt a bit hit and miss.

If this seems familiar, the block lies within your psychic channels and your energy and it’s easy to address.

Everyone has a spiritual body made up of chakras, the third eye and the many- layered auric field.

When attuned and protected your energy system acts like an antenna or satellite dish to receive the high frequency energy of the angels. Psychic Mediums attune their system to Deceased Loved ones in Spirit, many professionals have a masterguide they speak to.

When your energy is PROTECTED, clear and properly connected you will feel amazing. You become a pure and clear channel for the Angels energy, wisdom and love..

Messages, signs, synchronicity flow like a river into your consciousness. Healing energy flows through you to others. You become a channel or a medium.

When your psychic energy channels are dull or clogged. It feels like Heaven shut the door and left you on Earth with all the grumpy people.

Your spiritual antenna can become blocked from going through trauma and life challenges, having too much sugar or caffeine in your diet, burying difficult emotions having toxic relationships, and entertaining unhappy thoughts and beliefs.

Having blocks is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

However, you do need to acknowledge and address the blocked energy if you want to start receiving clearer messages and angel- experiences.

When your psychic blocks aren’t cleared, then everything gets stuck, you feel disconnected, life feels stagnant and full of problems.Connecting with your intuition and your angels can feel very hit and miss. You feel like your receiving messages through a heavy dark curtain and you get confused signals.

When you clean up and align your psychic channels in the right way you’ll experience a new flow of synchronicity and the veil is pulled aside- your angel messages will be loud, colorful, detailed and clear. 

Start now by committing to clearing and aligning your chakras. You will notice a difference every time you practice this.

In my Angel Communication program I teach my personal psychic connection method.while taking you through a series of deep angelic detox healings to attune and detoxify your psychic system. These practices along with proper energy protection will allow you to make a really powerful spiritual and psychic connection!

Many people seem to think that connecting with spirit and Angels is easy, you just need to meditate and pull a few cards… but EVERY successful, professional medium and psychic who is worth their salt has a technique for connecting to their guides before they tune in for messages.

Yes, even though they are naturally psychic!

Can you imagine John Holland, Tyler Henry or Lisa Williams just stepping on stage, cold, hoping they randomly get a message? No- of course not. They each have a professional technique for tuning in and staying connected and then for disconnecting afterwards. I never read for my clients without going through my process of opening to the angels and my psychic senses.

Practice the above 3 techniques over the next 7 days and you will notice a big difference to your messages and readings! Are you willing to try it? Make a comment below.

Are you excited to take the necessary steps to make a deeper psychic connection to communicate with your angels?  Here is a great first step: Join my Automatic Writing Online Class How to Receive a Daily Message from Your Angels .

Would you love to develop your angel mediumship and psychic abilities, learn Join the upcoming Angel Communication Practitioner Certification 

Angel Blessings
Rachel x


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I’ll show you the best tools and techniques to help you to tap into your gifts, release blocks and know exactly what your next steps need to be to fulfil your purpose. You’ll be able to make the right decisions for your life and help others if that is your path.

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Rachel Scoltock, Angel Medium, and expert in angelic communication. With over 22 years of professional experience, Rachel is a highly respected psychic, energy healer, teacher and author known for her integrity and professionalism in the spiritual community.


  1. Christine Kensey

    I would really appreciate a higher connection with my guides and Angel’s. Plse include me in your March program if possible.

    • Rachel

      Hi Christine, I have sent you an email in reply to this request and sent you links to the program page so you can read about the Angel Communication Program. Thank you Blessings Rachel x

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