How To Talk To Your Angels

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When the angels first intervened in my life I had no idea what or who was communicating with me or why. Read my story here

I began searching for answers- reading books, attending seminars.

After getting over the shock of realizing that ANGELS were guiding me, I began tentatively talking to them and -crucially- asking for their help.

This triggered a series of signs and messages and a stronger, more obvious connection. I immediately felt their presence.

Like any relationship, you have to make the effort to develop a connection with your angelic guides.

You have to arrange to meet, ask questions and be receptive & listen.

Yep, you have to make the first move!

Read on to learn three steps you can take right now to start the conversation with your angels.(and get  answers to your most imporant questions)

Step 1- Start the Conversation

Angels can’t fully intervene in your life unless you invite them. They wait patiently for you to ask their assistance because there is a spiritual law called the Law of Free Will. This means that your free will choices are respected by the angels and the Divine.

So, If you want to develop a closer relationship with your angels, you need to ask them for help with something.

I suggest you start small. Leave the bigger, life changing requests until you’ve built your trust.

Speak out loud, or silently: Dear Guardian Angels, Please help me with xxxxxx I give you full permission to intervene and give me clear guidance and signs. Thank-you. Amen.

You can even write your request down if you prefer.

Be honest, pour out your heart and be clear about what you need help with.

Make asking your angels a daily spiritual practice so it becomes second nature.

Step 2- Use Divination tools

Divination tools help you to receive and understand the messages that the angels send to you. It’s like arranging a meeting with a friend on Zoom or at a cafe.

You need a time and space to communicate and you need to speak the same language.

Angels speak in the language of Spirit, in symbols, feelings, light, thought, sound,  vision, and energy frequency.

There are several ways to receive Divine messages: Direct channeling, automatic writing, using a pendulum and my favourite of all..the Angel oracle cards.

Angel oracle cards are a practical, magical and quick way to receive crystal-clear, detailed messages on any subject. Using them,

They’re beautiful energy tools which, when read intuitively, can reveal incredible, personal information (way more than is printed on the card or in the booklet)

Angel cards don’t have the full answer printed on the card but they act like a key in a lock, revealing the full message to the reader.

When you open your intuitive channels to angels, and use the cards to ask for guidance , the cards open up much like a 3D painting and the real message drops in to your awareness.

I teach this intuitive angel reading technique to my students in the Angel Communication program so they can decipher their angel messages for themselves!

You can open to intuitively reading the cards too.

Start by inviting the angels to speak through your card deck regularly. Make time to sit and receive. Watch the Free Angel Guidance Video to learn how to attune the deck to the angels.

Step 3-Unblock your intuitive channels

Do you ever feel that your requests for guidance are going unanswered?

I empathise completely. It happens to everyone at some point.

Right at the beginning of my spiritual journey I’d get so frustrated! I was asking, asking, praying, meditating, but I couldn’t hear the guidance.

Sound familiar?

The angels aren’t “ghosting” you, I promise!

The block lies within your intuitive channels and it’s easy to address.

Everyone has a spiritual body made up of chakras and an auric field. This energy system acts like an antenna or sateliite dish to receive the high frequency energy of the angels and their guidance.

When your energy is clear and connected you will feel great. Messages, signs, synchronicity flow.

When it’s dull or clogged. It feels like Heaven shut the door and left you on Earth with all the grumpy people!

Your spiritual antenna can be blocked from going through life challenges, having too much sugar or caffeine in your diet, burying difficult emotions and entertaining unhappy thoughts and beliefs.

Having blocks is abslutely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. When you release them you’ll feel amazing and your angel messages will be super clear.

Talking with your angels is easy once you follow the steps and learn some simple tools and tips.

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

PS. If you would like to learn my Intuitive Angel Card Reading technique and unlock crystal-clear guidance to steer you in the right direction then my Angel Communication Program is perfect for you.

You will release and clear your intuitive blocks & shift away from fear and procrastination.

I’ll give you the best tools and techniques to help you to tap into your gifts, release blocks and know exactly what your next steps need to be to fulfil your purpose. You’ll be able to make the best decisions for your life and help others if that is your path.

We start February 15th 2022. You can learn exactly what is in the program here or send me a message and I’ll arrange a zoom chat with you over a cup of tea.

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