How to Read Angel Oracle Cards Like A Pro

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Hi Beautiful Soul

If you found yourself here, I would be willing to guess that you have at least 1 deck of angel oracle cards!?

Angel oracle cards are an amazing healing tool for connecting with your angels for clear answers and guidance to your burning questions.

But they’re also a powerful way for healers, and intuitive therapists to guide their clients when used the right way.

I still read my own cards almost every day. I rely on them and other angel communication methods for business and personal guidance from my angels.

There really is nothing more wonderful than pulling an angel card for a perfect and meaningful message.

I think of angel oracle cards as a device like a phone! They enable us to link (home) into the higher realms and communicate directly with the angels.

When used intuitively they become a powerful device to receive personalized, detailed messages, way beyond that which is printed on the card itself!

Most people don’t intuitively use their cards, they only rely on the printed messages, which can be helpful but is a missed opportunity.

Even then you might wonder; How do they know exactly what I am feeling? This is because angel cards are imprinted with angel energy so they respond to your soul energy! 

My professional training takes angel oracle card reading to a whole new level. ??

You’ll learn how to open your intuitive energy to link into the angels for guidance and how to ask the questions in the right way.

These steps enhance your message way beyond the pretty pictures and words printed.

You become a conduit for the full angel message which comes to you without needing to read the printed words. 

Your cards become magical tools, which the angels use to speak to you.

The difference is huge. Like going from black and white tv to full colour 3D!.

Whether you are a beginner or a long time card reader. It is very important to activate and attune your cards to align them with the angels.

This is a very simple step which uses prayer and intention.

When you properly attune your cards, and make sure you are specifically linking to the angelic realm your card readings begin to look and feel different and better.

This makes the cards easier to read. You are no longer reaching into your mind or reading the printed words for answers. You are more likely to  receive the message your angel wants you to hear.

I think of receiving angel messages via the oracle cards as similar to doing a search on Google.

First you must turn on your device (attune your cards), then you connect to WIFI (set an intention to open your intuitive channels and link to the angels), then you select the browser (shuffle the cards) Then you type your clear request into the search bar. (Ask your question while shuffling). Then you lay out the cards.

The process is the same for angel oracle card reading.

If you just pull an angel oracle card randomly- without attuning the cards, opening your energy and tuning into the angels first, you are likely to get a vague, blank, or confusing message! It is very hit and miss.

Think about WHO you are asking, and what you want from your reading, before selecting a card. This will make all the difference!

With training you can receive incredibly clear and detailed guidance for your life when you use angel cards this way. Remember angel card readings are prescriptive not predictive. They wont tell you WHAT WILL HAPPEN but how to manifest what you want.

I will show you how to attune your cards and use them for detailed and clear messages at the angel oracle card masterclass and you’ll get in-depth training and practice in the Angel Communication Practitioner Certification.

I teach all the steps to connecting, opening and receiving clear angel messages through my angel reading method in the Angel Communication Program. You’ll learn:⭐ how to safely open your energy to receive angel messages ⭐how to  tune in and receive guidance ⭐How to do multi-card  spreads to discern life purpose, understand what is blocking you, discover what the angels most want you to know and what actionable steps you can take right now to create your goals and dreams.

You will also learn angelic healing methods.  ⭐Boundaries, Protection and ethics for healers and readers, ⭐How to ask questions in the right way and ⭐How to receive genuine real messages and not false, ego based or airy-fairy messages.

I’ve given professional angel readings for 21 years. I’ve learnt the pitfalls and the best way to get in the zone even when life is hectic. You’ll emerge with the skills of an angel medium so you can give amazing readings for yourself and others.

It’s called a gift because it is such a beautiful thing to share!

Do you want to take your angel connection and intuitive gifts to the next level? Join me for Angel Communication Practitioner Training ? Learn practitioner level techniques and insights to communicate with angels, read angel oracle cards and share their messages and love with others.

Would you like to know more about this program and if it is right for you. Send me a message.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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