How to Read Angel Oracle Cards Like A Professional

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Hi Beautiful Soul

I am guessing that as a member of my angel community that you have at least 1 deck of angel oracle cards.

I love reading the cards, even after 20 years as a professional! There really is nothing more magical than pulling an angel card and getting a  goosebumpy message for the day.

I still have my first ever angel deck which started this whole crazy journey.

In the beginning, I was clueless about how to read the cards, but the written messages still blew my mind.I used to wonder; How do they know exactly what I am feeling?

When I attended my first professional training and learned to open up to become a conduit for the angels, and read oracle cards without the booklet I got goosebumps on my goosebumps!

The difference was thrilling. Like going from black and white to full colour 3D!

When you open your intuitive energy to the angels for guidance-Angel cards become magical tools, not just pretty pictures and words printed on cardboard.

They become infused with angelic wisdom, energy and light which unlock a deeper message.

Depending on the question- the energy and images can shift.

You spot a detail you’ve never seen before or the atmosphere of the card alters.  (It reminds me of the magical portraits at Hogwarts)

Do you want to know the secret behind doing this?

Becoming a conduit for angel energy is a process which begins with connecting with the angels as your guide for the message & then opening your energy to receive the messages.

Think of it like doing a search on the internet- first you turn on your device, then you connect to wifi. Then you type your request into the search bar.

Only then you ask a clear question (in the correct way)

If you just pull a card randomly- without this process, your message is more likely to be confusing and hard to discern then you’ll turn to the booklet for clarity.

By attuning with the angels, you transcend the ego-mind and you enter a higher frequency where you can see, feel, hear and sense the angels.

By opening and protecting your energy, you create a space for the message to drop in.

The guidance is delivered into your open intuitive channels and can play out clairvoyantly or in other sensory ways.

This is when you get the greatest detail, insight, and clarity.

From here you can discern:

⚡What is blocking you from achieving the outcomes you want.

💡What exact step you can take to bring about your goal .

👀What influences surround the situation and… why

🔑The card itself acts like a key turning in a lock- allowing the full message to be revealed.

Sometimes that message is shown on the cards, but often it’s not– it is delivered to you whole, intuitively into your awareness.

The angels use your senses and even your surroundings to get that message to you.

I invite you to try this:

Next time you pull a card.

Request the angels wisdom, breathe deeply with the intention of opening intuitively.

Then ask your CLEAR question and then pull 3 cards.

Lay them out and as you gaze  at them listen for the answer. Allow the angels to drop their messages to you. (Do not touch the booklet!)

I will show you some tips at the upcoming masterclass and give you all the details at angel communication program

I teach all the steps to connecting, opening and receiving clear angel messages through my angel reading method in the Angel Communication Program starting 8th November.

You’ll learn:⭐ how to safely open your energy to receive angel messages ⭐how YOU uniquely tune in and receive guidance ⭐How to do multi-card  spreads to discern life purpose, understand what is blocking you, discover what the angels most want you to know and what actionable steps you can take right now to create your goals and dreams.

In these classes I also teach angelic healing methods.  ⭐Boundaries, Protection and ethics for healers and readers, ⭐How to ask questions in the right way and ⭐How to receive genuine real messages and not false, ego based or airy fairy messages.

I’ve given professional angel readings for 20 years. I’ve learnt the pitfalls and the best way to get in the zone even when life is hectic. You’ll emerge with the skills of an angel medium so you can give amazing readings for yourself and others.

It’s called a gift because it is such a beautiful thing to share!

Would you like to join me for Angel Communication Certification Program?  Receive answers for yourself and learn the gifts and skills to share with others.

Go here or get in touch and we can arrange a quick catch up to talk about whether Angel Communication is right for you!

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

Join me for the Free How to Hear Your Angels Masterclass November 1st and 2nd 2022. Sign up below I’ll teach some angel oracle card reading tips and some angel communication methods.

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