3 Tips for Giving Amazing Angel Oracle Card Readings Masterclass

How to get detailed, accurate, angel messages from your angel oracle cards

Discover The Secrets to Angel Oracle Cards with Angel Medium Rachel Scoltock

Join us for an exclusive and enlightening workshop hosted by the renowned Angel Medium, Rachel Scoltock. Embark on a journey of self-discovery as Rachel shares her profound insights and wisdom.

  • Do you want to unlock the secrets of receiving deeper, clearer intuitive messages from your angel oracle cards?
  • Are you seeking more confidence in channeling clear angelic messages for yourself and others?
  • Discover 3 insider tips that guarantee crystal-clear answers and divine guidance.
  • If you’re feeling stuck in life and desperately searching for authentic guidance to find your true path, you’ve come to the right place.

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of the messages you receive? Let me show you how to discern the truth!

Join our free online masterclass and delve into the profound meaning behind the angelic oracle card readings you receive. Learn to differentiate between genuine guidance and imagination. Uncover the angelic wisdom that will help you release blocks hindering message reception, empowering you to receive louder, clearer divine messages.

While you were doing the clearing, my hands were warm and tingled, I could see the purple light surrounding my energy, felt a lot of peace after  cutting the toxic cords.

You are Amazing and a Blessing to all of us.

Thank you for the free class.


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Would you like to learn the angel oracle card methods used by angel mediums and psychics to receive deeper insights for your life?

A 90 minute Online Class with Leading Angel Medium Rachel Scoltock

Here is what you’ll learn in this invaluable free class:

Pro tip #1

Tune in for clearer messages:

 What you do BEFORE a reading can be just as important as the moment you layout those cards.

This is something I do before every singlee reading I ever do.  

Pro tip #2

Switch out of ego into Higher Self

I have a simple tip to share with you so you stop blocking yourself when it comes to readings. This is about getting out of your monkey mind and linking into a pure stream of information from the angels.


Pro Tip #3

Learn the 3 Principles

There are 3 simple principles to ensuring your angel card readings are clear and meaningful. When you learn these, you’ll start to get more detailed, loving, helpful angel- messages.

Are You Ready to Switch Your Soul Light On?

I’m Rachel Scoltock, I’m a professional angel medium, author, and spiritual teacher. I’ve spent the past 2 decades working full time bringing the angel’s messages of love, support and guidance to my clients and students and teaching others how to communicate with angels and share their loving profound messages and healing with others.

Right now we are in a time of intense change on the planet, both personally and globally. You are being guided to follow your soul path, to get on with your Divine purpose and to shift away from unhappiness so you can shine!

Your angels are the perfect guides who can show you the right path to guide you to your purpose.

Come and learn the steps to receiving clear angels messages  this free class.  Rachel Scoltock – Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author


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