How to Invoke an Angel

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Every month I run a Q and A on Instagram stories about the angels and archangels.

One question I am asked all the time is how to invoke their presence.

To invoke means to summon or invite, and it is true that to call  angels and archangels to assist you, you must first invite them.

There are many ways to invoke your angels; through prayer, affirmation, thought, chanting, ceremony and visualization.

But you don’t need any formal prayer or invocation for your angels to whizz to your side!

You only need to use your mind plus the written word or your voice to express your intention.

Invocation prayers are powerful because they help you to focus your mind, which is why I love them.

Some days you need a simple written prayer to read out (with feeling) to get your day started right.

Focused intent is the most powerful part of an invocation.

Sure, you could read your invocation while thinking about the massive pile of laundry you have to do, or the latte you are going to inhale before work, but it won’t be as effective as a spoken request from the heart.

The angels want you to know how incredibly potent your written and spoken words, thoughts and intentions are.

As the expression goes: Everything you send out comes back to you.

Each of us are like untrained superheroes with zero idea of the powers we hold, or how strong they are.

We fling our words and thoughts around like out of -control magic wands, accidently creating and recreating things we don’t want. Sometimes healing or hurting people while magnitizing and repelling our deepest desires.

Most of the time we suppress our superpowers by allowing them to be squandered on worry, judgments, complaints and unnecessary emotional clutter.

How often have you lost yourself in a rabbithole of worry , rumination (or Youtube Brad Mondo videos)? All leaving you feeling strangely empty.

That is because our minds words, beliefs, and emotional energy combined are  meant for greater things.

It is this energy which acts like an engine driving our lives, laying a path as it goes.

Our mind and words can act like a flame thrower or a magnet,  they can build barriers or knock them down.

Which is why it is important to think, write and say words and ideas which summon beauty, abundance, peace and happiness.

( Then spend a little downtime watching funny  home hair dressing videos)

Activate your power with this simple invocation:

I invite the presence of  Archangel Michael to connect directly with me and illuminate my power. I wish to manifest/ heal…..( say what you want).  Please guide me, release my blocks, show me signs that you have heard my prayer. Amen”

Say it aloud in your posh voice, write it in your best writing on beautiful paper, or type it on your computer or phone. Give it some attitude and oomph.

An invocation summons your power as well as the angelic guide, so you had better get ready for some big  positive changes!

Part of our soul purpose is to understand and master our power  to invoke consciously, to awaken and trust our intuitive power, to remember who we are and how to undo miscreations, heal ourselves and dissolve barriers.

Thankfully we have angels to help with all this. (Hooray!)

This Friday I will guide you through a very intensive clearing at the Violet Flame Webinar. You will receive an invocation prayer for Archangel Zadkiel which you can use every day to start honing those superpowers for your Highest Good!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

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