How to Heal Your Vows of Poverty

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Do you want to shine your light, by creating abundance for yourself in a way that feels authentic, aligned and uses your gifts?

Could vows of poverty and deprivation be holding you back financially and from being who you really are?

Many people unknowingly have blocks created from fear and misguided beliefs which come from making vows of poverty in the past.

A vow of poverty is a declaration, belief, or commitment that works against your current desires and needs.

For example in a past lifetime you may have made a vow to a religious organization or another person that is still affecting you today. Or you may have made a similar declaration in this lifetime- for example a vow to NEVER date again, or a repeated negative thought that you don’t deserve money or love.

There are usually some clues that you are carrying these contrary beliefs which are still affecting you now.

For example: Have you ever said or thought any of the following ?

 I don’t want money, I just want to help people. I don’t want to be seen as selfish or greedy,  I only need enough to get by. I hate money, I’m spiritual, not material. I don’t deserve XYZ. 

Or maybe someone else has said these words to you and they’ve etched into your consciousness.

Your words, thoughts, and fears are powerful enough to manifest into form. Like a carving etched into stone, they can become the “rules” that you live by.

The angels and the Universe only works with our free will, so if you’re unconciously sending a message of “No out into the energetic atmosphere” that message is obeyed by the law of attraction.

Which means that vows of poverty or other statements of negativity are powerful enough to work against your manifesting efforts and sabotage you!

These kind of statements act like powerful affirmations or vows which can over-ride any efforts you put into manifesting abundance that you need.

And even if you no longer believe in those words or ideas, they can sabotage your current intentions if you don’t consciously reverse them.

These vows of poverty and beliefs about lack and deservability hide in the subconscious, sabotaging your hard work and manifesting efforts.

These energetic contracts tend to surface during stressful times or when you go into fear about money.  They can be particularly prevalent right now because there is so much fear around the world economy.

Be aware of repeating negative thoughts about scarcity, maybe you start worrying more than usual, you find yourself feeling stressed , anxious and saying horrible things to yourself

Maybe you suddenly notice a scarcity of money, time, energy, or love in your life.

See these moments as a perfect opportunity to clear your energetic blocks and the vows which are limiting you.

As you release these fears, vows, and outdated ideas, you will more easily shift your mindset and then you’ll receive the prosperity you want and deserve!

Every little barrier you remove makes a big difference when it comes to your energy blocks. 

Because thoughts beliefs, words, and ideas ARE energy. Positive thoughts make you receptive and negative thoughts block you.

Your mindset and energy can have more impact on you than the economy!

There is not one single spiritual law that says you must be excluded from receiving prosperity or support that you want!

Even if you are unsure about whether vows of poverty exist for you, it is worth doing a blanket clearing of any and all possible blocks within you which negate prosperity, abundance, feeling peaceful and successful!

As you clear your mind and energetic field of any abundance blocks, then what you want can flow more easily into your life.

A vow of poverty can show up as:

  • Guilt about asking for abundance, guilt about everything, especially receiving money or blessings of any kind. If you feel guilty about asking or accepting help that will definitely block you.
  • Spiritual perfectionism- believing you have to be really “good” to deserve any blessings!
  • Believing you can’t be both spiritual and abundant!
  • Feeling uncomfortable or unconfident about handling money or receiving any kind of help.
  • You resist receiving money in exchange for healing services or any work that feels easy and natural to you
  • Procrastination and delaying life changes that would lead to personal fulfilment and abundance out of a sense unworthiness.

How to Heal Your Vows of Poverty

It’s important to consciously rescind and release any vows of poverty and blocks to receiving. You deserve to be free from struggle and guilt!

You can work with the angels to release and transmute these contracts, and undo their effects in your life.

The 4 most powerful Archangels to clear vows and contracts are the Archangel Ariel-angel of abundance, Archangel Michael the angel of protection, Archangel Metatron, angel of vibration, and Archangel Zadkiel-the angel of the violet flame.

These 4 archangels can sever all the attachments and blocks from you and your energy, they can use the violet flame and the sword of light to undo their effects, and re-align you with the right energy and mindset!

Start by making a list of the ways you feel blocked with abundance and manifesting. Write down any beliefs that you could be cancelling prosperity in your life!

If you have guilt, write- I am now ready to release my guilt about xxx. Write as much as you can until you can’t think of any more blocks. 

Light a candle and ask the angels to be with you. I invoke Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Zadkiel to be with me. Please help me with my intention to heal and release all vows and blocks that keep me stuck in scarcity, poverty,and limitation!

State aloud: 

I am now willing to revoke all limiting vows and blocks to receiving abundance in all forms. I ask my angels and archangels to energetically release them from me in all directions of time, and undo their karmic effects on my life.


Breathe deeply.  Allow the angels to work on you!

Want some help releasing your blocks to abundance? 

Here are some options:

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Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Ps  you can release your fears and all that his holding you back financially and all ways at the Angel Communication Practitioner Program

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  1. Erin

    Hi Rachel,

    Loved this article and have already begun writing in hopes of releasing my blocks. Thinking this had been done during a past session I’ve realized it evidently has not… having a difficult time finding work and living in scarcity seems to have become the way. Only, I wish and meditate and pray that it is not. I am so aware that there should be an exchange of sorts for others energy and time however I find myself in the situation where I cannot. I would very much like to move past this, release these blocks which seem to prevent me and live the life I have been dreaming of – for what seems like forever.

    Sorry for the long comment – it’s been a day! Is there a cost for the link to the recording?

    • Rachel

      Keep going Erin, changing your mindset from scarcity to abundance is such important work.

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