How to Heal Your Vows of Poverty


Could vows of poverty and self deprivation be holding you back?

Many lightworkers have made vows and contracts based on life experiences, collective beliefs and during past lives.

Hidden in the deep subconscious, these vows of poverty work against your hard work and manifesting intentions and block you from creating material abundance.

These energetic contracts (along with your witch wounds) tend to rise up during stressful times. They’re particularly prevalent right now because there’s so much fear around.

However I see it as a perfect opportunity to clear this heavy blocking energy on behalf of yourself and others so you can start to receive the prosperity you want and deserve! Every little barrier you remove makes a big difference.

The truth is that the Universe is a place of unlimited abundance. You only have to tune into it.

There is not one spiritual law that says you are excluded from receiving prosperity or support.

It’s worth clearing any belief which negates prosperity, even  a subconscious one!

As you clear your mind and energetic field of outdated ideas, abundance can flow more easily into your life.

A vow of poverty can show up as:

  • Guilt about everything, especially receiving money or abundance of any kind.
  • Spiritual perfectionism
  • Believing you can’t be both spiritual and abundant
  • You feel uncomfortable about handling money.
  • You resist receiving money in exchange for your services
  • You delay life changes that would lead to personal fulfilment and abundance.

Healing Your Vows of Poverty

It’s important to consciously rescind any vows of poverty and self-deprivation. You deserve to be free from struggle and guilt!

The most powerful Archangels to clear vows and contracts are Ariel, Michael and Zadkiel.

State that you are willing to revoke all limiting vows and ask the angels to energetically release them and their karmic effects on your life.

I can help you to release & transmute your vows of poverty and replace them with a contract of abundance at the Archangel Ariel Abundance Attunement Zoom Event this coming Friday 28th January at 10 am AEDT. A replay is available to all who are registered. Book here:

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