How to Get Clearer Guidance From Your Angels

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Today I would like to share with you some of the secrets to receiving more detailed guidance from the angels.

It is 100%  possible for you to receive crystal-clear, meaningful guidance steps which move your life in the direction of your dreams and intentions.

You don’t need to be born into a long line of psychics or study at Hogwarts to get clear messages and signs.

You just need to be willing to shift your awareness and practice some intuitive techniques.

Of course it would be nice & easy if the angels (or an owl)would just show up with a neon sign telling you precisely what to do at any given moment.

Sadly, it doesn’t always work that way! 

You need to meet the angels half way.

When you learn how to develop and trust your intuition and communicate with the angels, you won’t need a neon sign, your intuition will tell you everything you need to know.

Here are my 4 steps to receiving detailed guidance from the angels:

Step #1 is to learn how your intuition works. 

Everyone has the potential to communicate with the angels through their inborn, natural intuition, and everyone has their own intuitive strengths.

You’ve been receiving signs, messages and intuitive insights since the day you were born. 

Whether you believe it or not, your higher senses are always speaking to you through your thoughts, emotions, physical feelings, your minds-eye and your inner voice.

Your angels use these intuitive channels to communicate with you too.  

One of your intuitive senses is stronger than the others.

When you identify and practice strengthening your primary intuitive sense, the shift in your awareness will open the floodgates to a steady no-stop stream of communication between you and your angels. 

As a Sensitive Empath, my primary senses were always my sensitivity and my intuitive hearing. I could hear and sense the angels way before I saw them. By being more aware of my sensitivity as intuition, I quickly advancd my psychic ability. I see this pattern repeating in all my students.

Step#2 The next vital step for receiving clear, detailed guidance is to detoxify your energy and release the fears and negative beliefs which block your intuition. 

Fear thoughts, cords and lower energies create blockages in your intuitive senses. When you clear these obstructions and consciously release limiting thoughts your psychic channels open and expand naturally. 

Angel energy therapy is a powerful way to clear your energy and rapidly expand your intuitive senses which is why I offer healing sessions as part of my Angel Communication program and my monthly Angel Attunements. 

Step #3 Ask for and acknowledge the signs & messages your angels are sending you. People are often surprised when they realize that they’ve been receiving personal signs for some time.

Writing down these synchonicities helps to increase your trust and faith in the angels and your connection with them. 

*It’s important to ask the right questions of the angels when you want their guidance and intervention. Clear questions attract clear answers.  This will help you to understand the deeper meaning of the messages you receive.  

Step#4 The final step is to create a platform for the angels to communicate with you using Divination tools and intuitive practices. 

Angel Oracle Card Decks are an amazing communication tool for the angels to get personal, crystal clear, detailed messages to you. 

When you learn to read oracle cards intuitively, instead of depending on the author’s written meanings, you open to incredibly accurate and expansive personal messages. #lifechanging

Opening to expert level oracle card reading will deliver a stream of  detailed guidance from the angelic realm whenever you need it! 

Other effective Angel communication tools I teach in my programs are channeled writing, the pendulum, & learning to become a medium for the angels to directly channel their messages to and through you. 

I love teaching these methods indepth and taking my students through these steps to open up to life changing angel guidance.

You can join me in 2022 for the Angel Communication Certification Program  click here or contact me to learn more.

Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium

Here are 5 ways to Connect more Deeply to Your Angel’s Guidance:

1-Visit my Free Angel Meditation Library Here My guided meditations help you to create a strong bond with the angels whilst clearing your energy of the blocks which hold you back.

2-Read my book My Life with Angels-How to Access the Wisdom and Healing of the Angels available on Amazon in your country.

3-Sign up for one of my monthly Angel Attunements. These events will strengthen your connection with the Archangels and Angels who surround you. You’ll learn how each angel can help you and experience their powerful healing and energy clearing for yourself. Go to my website or contact me to learn about this month’s Angel Attunement event.

4-Enrol in the Feb 2022 Angel Communication Certification Program

5-Book a private Angel Reading with me here (Like the angel holding the neon sign, I will get the message for you and deliver it complete!)



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