How Joy Can Change Your Life and Income

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Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

If you know me well, you know I LOVE Country Music!

I have just returned from the 2019 Tamworth County Music Festival and I’ve put away my cowgirl boots for another year.

My boots have angel wing patterns on them!

The Post Tamworth Blues haven’t kicked in for me yet,
I am on a real high and my passion is reignited from all the wonderful events and music I experienced this past week

see my instagram account for pics!)

I feel inspired and uplifted because I have been around inspiring, happy and creative people for a week, doing what I LOVE to do,  this naturally recharges my batteries.

It was not always this way.

A few years ago I specifically wrote a vow to myself committing to do things that bring me joy.

At the time I was working really hard to build my business and at that time I had not had a holiday for ages, my days were filled with work, seeing clients, looking after my animals and my endless chores.

I did not have much extra cash then, my business was going well but inside I was stagnating and feeling a bit depressed.

One day, feeling deflated I went for my afternoon walk and asked the angels for guidance:
Angels please guide me how can I feel better, happier and create more income for myself? 

I was walking my dogs in the paddocks beside the highway where I discovered a fairy ring of mushrooms.

As I stood inside the fairy ring, reiterating my prayer, a huge truck went by with the word “JOY” painted on the side.

It caught the setting sunlight as it went by, and I knew it was a sign, pure guidance. 

Joy was the answer to my question! 

THEN I understood the message, I realised that my whole life was centred around work and business. I had very little that gave me joy in my life, apart from my animals and my work.

I rarely had FUN for the sake of it and even my rest time was taken up working on myself! ( Meditating, journal ling, self reflection)

When I got home I wrote a list of all the things that brought me JOY:
Travel to remote areas
Funny Movies
Country Music and live gigs
Meeting artists and famous authors
Inspirational events

Doing this exercise jolted me a bit, I realised I was future focused, always thinking that WHEN I had enough, time, money and energy I would THEN do the things I loved.

My friends at the time were not into the same things, so I was also putting off going places because I had no one to go with! 

It was an excuse!

I also realised how serious and over responsible I had become, making everything about work, serving others and working on myself, caring for my pets but not myself.

Writing down my Joy list also awakened my long buried hunger for fun, music, laughter and travel.

I did not have to wait to enjoy these things! I could do them NOW! (with or without a partner or friend to go with)

I committed to giving myself the gift of these things whenever I could and to live more in the moment.

Now here is the miracle part:

At that time money was tighter,

but I still miraculously afforded to get out and see lots of live concerts and shows and even travel to the beautiful remote places of Australia.

I regularly won tickets to local country music shows and  was even offered free tickets by artists who wanted someone to sell their merchandise.

I met friends who worked in the music business who invited me to events with them.

I discovered that when I put out a desire to the Universe to travel or attend a concert it became easier to manifest the funds to do what I wanted. 

This reverses the idea that you should “SAVE UP” first and then choose what to do with your money which is what I was doing before the guidance came.

Joy is an essential high vibe ingredient to manifest what you need. 

It is a case of demand and supply: 

When you create the demand for abundance- by deeply desiring a trip, a lovely dress or a ticket to Pink,  Bon Jovi or Keith Urban- you activate the Law of attraction to supply the means to receive your desire.

You’ll also work harder to create what you want…because you have a reason to.

IF you focus only on the money, it will slow down your manifesting because you are focused on the HOW, not the outcome.

Money itself is not JOY, it can offer relief, it can offer a feeling of power or safety but it is sometimes not enough to focus on manifesting Money because it does not give you a “WHY”

Money is just the ENERGY needed to create what you want.

Consciously bringing joy into my life actually increased my income and enabled me to have more vitality, focus and excitement in my work.

I got excited about using my money to do things that enhanced and enriched my life.

I was able to support my clients more because I was recharged AND I had a reason to work and attract prosperity.

And by the way, I have made tonnes of friends by going to festivals, gigs and remote places by myself. I have met amazing beautiful and inspirational people, and even a few famous ones who are now friends and allies.

I have always said I have Country Music Angels- because so many miracles happen to me at live events.

None of this would have happened if I continued waiting and hoping that one day I would maybe have enough money to follow my dreams….

So here is my challenge for you…
Write out your JOY LIST!!

What you deeply desire? What do you love to do?
what would you do if you had the money, time and energy?

Pick out your top 3

Then like me write a vow to yourself to DO  those things REGULARLY!!

No matter what.

This intention will start to magnetise what you want,

but don’t wait, do something today that honours your vow… book a ticket, go to a free version of what you want, do some small act of faith that keeps the intention alive!

Joy is the heart and soul of life, it make life worth living, it raises your vibration,makes you magnetic, attractive and calls wonderful and meaningful experiences to you.


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Angel blessings
Rachel x

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