Are You Guidable?

Angel messages

Do you need clear guidance about what to do next in your life?

Perhaps you have been asking the angels for a while  to give you a big sign or an easy to understand message.

Maybe you’ve even been meditating!

But you still feel stuck and at a loss about what the angels are telling you?

Have you stopped to consider whether you are guidable?

You could  be sabotaging your guidance before it even hits your consciousness.

Here are 3 ways you could be making yourself unguidable!

  • You are fixed on a certain outcome and how it should come about.

Years ago I thought I would only find success as an Angel Medium if I had a published book. There were all these stressful hoops I had to jump through to get noticed by a publishing company. After a while I realized that wasn’t necessarily the way I would succeed. I let go and surrendered asking the angels to intervene and show me the best way for my highest good. The guidance was swiift and clear, I was lead to a wonderful coach who helped me to triple my business.

When you are rigid about how you think everything will work out, you can too easly ignore your true guidance!

  • You feel consumed by painful experiences past and present. 

Being psychically stuck in negative experiences gives your ego too much space to sabotage you from making positive changes.

When you become willing to clear your energy you make room for the higher vibrations of love, guidance and positive change.

  • You are not willing to make changes. 

Most people want their dreams to come true, but are not willing to change anything along the way.

Change can be scary, but it’s way worse to contemplate never fulfilling your dreams!

Let’s say you want to leave a toxic workplace to work on your life purpose. Perhaps you feel guided to stop drinking too much wine after work  (which you are doing to cope with your unhappiness ). Following the guidance would give you more vitality and help you to attract a wonderful career- but you resist it.

Ask your angels for courage and support to make positive changes easily.  One day you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

  • You don’t trust the messages you receive.

Trust is an essential element to being guidable. If you don’t trust your guidance you’ll stay stuck in a cycle of procrastination.

You may know what to do, you just don’t fully trust that it will bring you what you want.

A lack of trust is the most frustrating place to be because you won’t allow yourself to move forward. You may be over-relieant on other people’s opinions and find yourself endlessly making for and against lists!

The thing with true guidance is that you don’t have to worry about all the if’s and buts, your mind can’t possibly work out every detail, but your angels can!

Try visualizing what it would be like to trust your guidance- what would you do differently?

Being Guidable, means that you are willing to be open, flexible, and to trust your angels and your intuition,

Part of this is understanding your guidance , WHERE it comes from and HOW it comes to you.

When you build a close and strong connection with your own soul  and your angelic guides you will have the confidence to receive, trust and follow the messages when they come.

Those messages become louder because you are no longer sabotaging your own path.

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Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium


Wishing you an Angel Guided week.

Angel Blessings






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