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I know what it is like to struggle financially, I used to worry constantly about how I was going to create a successful, happy life.

I was terrified to look at my account balance, I was always stressed about bills and expenses and I always would feel terribly guilty about spending money on myself. 

Then one day everything changed!

I discovered how the Universe really works. 

Through my studies of metaphysics and working with the Angels of prosperity, I learned that all forms of material abundance begin as energy. 

Energy is infinite and creative, it never runs out. You access and move energy via your mind.

All energy ultimately comes from the UNIVERSAL SOURCE ( also known as the Divine, God, the Universe, Spirit)

The Universe is the Source of all energy and therefore the source of all material form too.

When I totally absorbed this knowledge, and cleared my mind of fear and past mistakes, everything improved materially in my life. 

My finances healed, clients flowed into my business and abundance showed up in many ways.

I attracted this flow of clients and other abundance by simply acknowledging this truth:

The Divine is the Source of all of My Good.

When you believe that other people – clients, bosses, partners, government departments and so on- are your source then you become caught up in fear based and manipulative thinking.

Your mind automatically has to figure out HOW you are going to get the abundance to come to you and keep it coming. 

This belief creates fear and worry and ultimately stress…

What if your source runs out, you lose your job, your partner leaves you or something else changes?
What if YOU want to leave your job?

You can feel trapped and  limited by what you believe is available to you and what is possible for you to receive.

Your material life seems dependent on others and the ever changing world and this creates fear, struggle, conflict and stress. 

When you understand that the Universe is the only SOURCE, and it uses others as a CHANNEL for your good, then your fear dissolves because you are no longer attached to THAT person or situation as being your one and only source.

You understand that if one channel of abundance dries up or changes, that the Universe will find another way to deliver your good to you.

What is yours will always find you , as long as you remain aligned and connected with the Divine.

You are always taken care of and guided by the Divine. The Universe has your back.

By knowing and affirming this knowledge into your consciousness, it becomes the truth for you. You become open to intuitive direction and synchronicity which guides you confidently forward.

When you deny that you are supported by a compassionate and abundant Universe you act and think in fear from your ego. This creates lack and scarcity. 

Your ego believes it is separate, alone and doomed to struggle and hustle.

The spiritual message ” Ask and it is given” can only activate for you when you see the Universe and yourself as unconditionally loving, abundant, supported and infinitely generous.

This helps you to lose all mistaken ideas and negative thinking about your worth and value. You can clean up all your past pain because you know that no matter what you have been through, what you have done or not done- you still deserve and can receive happiness, love and prosperity.

You are a Divine being, wired to receive abundance in all of it forms, connected to a Universal source of Love and kindness. 

Affirm and declare “It is time for me to receive my good, I am open to the infinite generosity of the Universe, I release all my fears and struggles, I am ready!”

I now teach these spiritual truths to my clients and help them to clear away the blocks and barriers to abundance, love and happiness. Find out how here!

Affirm constantly:

The Universe is the Source of all of your good! and so it will be.

If you would like to work with me to heal any aspect of your life and expand your awareness so you too can tune into abundance, infinite love and blessings then please contact me. I have space on my Rich Radiant Angel one on one healing immersion, i would love to help you to transform your life. Go here to request more information. 

Go here for this week’s video message: .https://rachelscoltock.com/how-to-deal-with-fear/

Have an abundant and miraculous week!

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

Angel Medium, Soul Coach, Author

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