Love makes the world go around but it is the loss of love or the effects of a lack of love can seem to stop your world entirely. This is because relationships directly affect the heart, the very centre of your being, without which you would not thrive. Toxic relationships with emotionally manipulative people can do the most damage because of the cords and other draining elements which sap your joy and keep you stuck for a long time.

Your heart chakra is your spiritual and emotional centre for giving and receiving. If you feel lacking in ANY way: love, money, time, intuition, good health, vitality, kind people or opportunities for success, this can be a neon sign that your heart chakra is blocked by the painful experiences you have lived through.

Located in the centre of your chest near to your physical heart, your heart chakra or Anahata in Sanskrit is responsible for adding colour, beauty and feeling to your life. This sensitive area can feel heavy and painful when you experience heartbreak, loss or loneliness. Your heart can close off and retain the psychic daggers and energetic cords linking you to the source of your pain.

Heartache is a perfect description for the suffering involved when this centre is emotionally wounded. The pain is a sign that the spiritual heart centre has closed by the hurtful actions of others. Unless you willingly release these energetic obstacles and entanglements, they can remain indefinitely and affect your whole life by stopping you from receiving the emotions, energies and relationships that make life worth living.

Your blocked and corded heart will cause you to feel disconnected. Healing this area goes deeper than changing your mindset. Cords here actually cause you to slip into a negative mindset, attracting chaos, and pushing opportunities for love and connection away.

Your health can be effected too: In You Can Heal Your Life Louise L Hay suggests that if you get too involved in the pain and drama of life, they can create heart problems.

Some of the most difficult relationships to recover from are those with “psychic vampires” who use abuse, bullying and manipulation for their personal gain. These interactions are confusing especially for naturally empathic people; psychic vampires can be very charming one moment but at other times seem purposefully hurtful (something that empaths would never do.)

These very toxic relationships can be with bosses, co-workers, romantic partners or family members. These particular cords are deeper, thicker and harder to break than usual. These soul ties are integral to the psychic vampire, they take the positive energy of unsuspecting others to fulfil themselves and gain control.

These toxic people, AKA energy thieves, psychic vampires or narcissists are very self-centred, always manipulating the moods and actions of others through sob stories or lies always, looking to gain power and attention,  they can seem completely immune to the harm they inflict. They are not empathic and are completely lacking in compassion but can pretend to have these traits to gain trust and hook empaths in. It is not unusual for sensitive souls to feel like they are going crazy when they are connected to such people because they end up taking the blame for everything bad that seems to happen around these characters.

From a healers point of view, I discovered that the cords of these toxic relationships linger for a long time because of the guilt and confusion felt by their empathic casualty.

However, no one is EVER a powerless victim! We all hold the power to disconnect from the source of any suffering once we realize what is going on. Knowledge, awareness, therapy, support, spiritual and energetic healing and of course the angels are all ways to regain your power and find joy again.

Begin by calling the archangels Michael Chamuel and Raphael. They know the health and spiritual ramifications of heartbreak, manipulation and abuse. These angels plus your awareness of what you have been through can help you to return your heart to its radiant original state no matter what you’ve been through.

Archangel Raphael governs all physical and emotional healing and can help you to reconnect to your heart energy. Archangel Michael will detach your energy from painful experiences and closed-hearted people.

Archangel Michael and Raphael will help you to sever your cords to recover from a toxic entanglement with psychic vampires who literally drain the joy from your heart even after the relationship has ended.

Archangel Chamuel helps you to find forgiveness and connect with empathic, love-centred relationships which fulfil you rather than sap your life force. It can seem tough to forgive someone who has drastically hurt you and take more than they’ve given.

The memories of hurt can keep you entwined indefinitely with the other person thickening those cords. Your subsequent angry thoughts and words are tantamount to pouring fuel on the fire, hooking you in even more deeply.

Once you are ready to exchange your shock and hurt for peaceful detachment these Archangels will work with you to flush your resentment, hurt and other emotional toxins from your love chakra.  They will sever the steel cords of unhealthy attachment so you can fully enjoy the joy of life once again. You can recover and be free from pain and toxic relationships.

Your angels want you to know that your only part in “attracting” such people is that you tolerate them for longer than necessary, perhaps hoping they will change or heal wth your loving attention. This is how manipulators gain ground because we have all been taught that hurt people, hurt people. This is simply not true. Empaths do not hurt people on purpose no matter what they have been through.
Let go of the idea that you somehow deserve bad treatment this will help to release their power over you.

I know from years in healing practice and my own experiences that relationships with energy thieves can be the most damaging to the heart chakra. Properly releasing these cords can change life immediately.

Whether you feel you are corded to a toxic relationship or you are simply carrying heartache, loss, and loneliness this healing prayer will help you to recover the joy and open your Anahata Chakra once more:

Hold your hands over your Heart Center palms down, and ask to be connected with Divine Love to heal your heart. Then say:

Dear Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Chamuel,
I am ready to heal and open my heart to greater love, compassion and a deeper experience of life.

I know that I have blockages and cords within my heart centre which are preventing me from opening to receive real Love in all of its forms. I am now willing to free myself from these people and experiences and my attachment to them.
I am ready to release my fear towards those who have hurt me and let go of my righteous 
anger and defensiveness because I know these emotions are preventing me from healing and being fully present to the joy of life.
Please help me to stop judging myself and everyone else involved including my Divine Creator for this experience. I welcome the wisdom to help me discern in the future but I now let go of my need to stay attached in mind, body or spirit.
CUT my Cords to ……I am willing to sever my attachment completely to these toxic relationships. ( name them)
Please refill my heart with Divine Love and Light, repair me completely and restore me to my innocence and perfect health. Please amp up my intuition to protect me and guide me to 
like-minded, empathic and loving people and experiences.

Thankyou angels and so it is. Amen

Breathe deeply, and see blocks, barriers, cords and daggers lifting from your chest and back.  See them replaced by pink, gold and green light. See light shining from your heart centre. Take good care of your heart and invite joy into your life.

If you are in an abusive or destructive relationship please reach out to others for help, call a friend, a loved one or go to a trusted healer or therapist for help. Isolation can make everything worse and so the simple step of reaching out can help you to feel better and more supported.

If you would like some help healing from heartache, loss or a toxic relationship I can arrange an angel energy healing session for you. Contact me: or go to my website

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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