Getting in the Guidance Zone

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What if you could get some definitive guidance for your life right now?

Something that would really shift you into a more confident, secure, and happy place?

Would you accept it?

In this article I will take you through a simple process to get you in the guidance zone so you can receive the signs and message from your angels !

Asking for and receiving clear guidance begins with knowing what you want guidance about!

Sounds obvious but it’s not always so straightforward. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you want, and you end up being too vague.

So here’s a quick exercise to get you in the guidance zone so you can set powerful energy in motion and attract the answers you need:

Step 1:

💡If you knew that you could move the needle on important aspects of your life today….

What 3 main situations would you ask for some direction with??? (write them down now)**

Next step, 2:

💡⚡Choose 1 of those- the highest priority. (don’t worry you can come back to the others later) PICK ONE! It doesn’t work as well if you ask for all the things at once!

Now write down exactly what you need this to look like for you. Rather than asking just for more money, or less stress. Be specific. I would like $500 more income a week. 

I would like to work 4 days a week instead of 5. I want healing for my lower back and to feel strong and healthy. B

Step 3: Now imagine what it will be like to know how to bring about the most positive outcome of this situation, in the fastest way. (your angels know how to do this)

🖋📝Write down how that would feel and look for you when you are living this truth?

Now take it a step further-4

⭐👀How would that outcome make a difference in your life? How would you feel? (write that down too! )

Final Step 5:

Formulate a clear and specific request asking for direction and signs about what you’ve asked for and .

Example: Dear Angels please give me some clear guidance to bring about an increase of $500 a week in my finances in an effortless and peaceful way for my highest good. Amen. 

The act of asking for spiritual guidance and then imagining the outcome is very powerful! 

Often you don’t even ASK for guidance because -you can’t see HOW it would work out.

Doubt becomes a dominant force, blocking you before you’ve even taken a step.

What you need to understand is; the HOW is not up to you– that’s the  role of the angels and the Universe in the co creation process- the guidance will be delivered!

Your role is to ask then be ready to take inspired, guided action when it comes.

The Angel Communication Program has an amazing track record with helping participants to take quantum leaps into their dreams and intentions.

In the program I teach you how to ask the right way in order to attract the guidance, I show you how to trust, receive, understand and follow the guidance steps when they come.

Then everything becomes clear- even signs you’ve been receiving for ages will begin to make sense!

I LOVE teaching these skills and insights because they change lives.

Past ACC students have gone onto do amazing brilliant things-  open their businesses as healers, angel card readers, coaches, leaving behind years of procrastination and feeling stuck, many have moved home, met their soul mates, written their books, healed their finances and improved their health. 

Do you want to do something amazing and brilliant?

I would love to teach you these lifelong skills and lead you to your dreams &  life purpose.⭐ Join the waitlist 

Connect with me if you have questions.

Angel Blessings
Rachel Scoltock x

Rachel is an Angel Medium, Angel Communication Mentor and Author

She teaches lightworkers how to tap into their gifts and share their light and wisdom with the world.

PS ✨ Let me know what 3 Situations you need guidance with** comment below or send me a DM on Instagram or FB.


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