Finding Peace in Times of Fear

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I didn’t feel like writing my newsletter and blog today!

The energy of everything happening in the world just felt too heavy and I didn’t know if I could find the right words to make a difference!

I asked my angels for guidance and as always the perfect answer came:

Any contribution of love and light is helpful and immensely healing. To back down in the face of so much pain, fear and suffering is to give into the darkness that creates it.

You are a Lightworker!

Those words inspired me to get out of bed and get on with it.

I want them to inspire you too!

I decided to share a healing meditation to help you to release fear and anxiety. You can download it below.

It is too easy to feel overwhelmed by the fear & tragedy in the world right now.

You might feel powerless, hopeless, even guilty.

All these feelings are simply the result of absorbing fear energy.

Your true power comes from within: Your connection with the angels and the Divine, your prayers and intentions for a healed, peaceful world.

When you cleanse your energy, mind and body of fear, you immediately return to peace and reclaim your power and confidence again.

The world needs your light now more than ever.

This is THE time to use your spiritual tools fill yourself with light, tap into Divine Love, keep your vibration high & share your light where you can.

Giving into fear is exactly what dictators, tyrants and those that profit from fear-mongering want.

As a Lightworkers, it’s our purpose to spread light and love and to work towards a vision of peace and healing for all.

You do this best when your energy is calm and you are well rested. You cannot serve from an empty cup.

So please let go of guilt and do whatever you can to find moments of peace and happiness.

Here is a free guided healing meditation to release fear and anxiety from your mind, body and energy with the help of the angels Download it here

This week I am presenting a Divine Magic Manifestation Workshop & Archangel Attunement Event.

During this event I will give you manifesting tools to create a better world for yourself and others,

I will guided you through a deeply healing soul journey with the Archangels  to release fear from your energy.

I am adding a guided world healing to the event agenda to combine our light and intention to create a world of peace and healing. You can register for this event here. 

I am sending you love and Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium and Psychic Development Mentor, Author

PS you can learn more about reclaiming your inner peace and sparkle in this week’s video reading message

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  1. Maureen

    Thankyou for the mediation, I shall say it everyday. We must pray that the Angels will help the Ukrainian
    people keep there lands, culture and the help they need will be provided. We will stand as one against the oppressor.

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