What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Pain and Suffering

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Are you affected by world news and conflict? Do you sometimes feel as if you are carrying the weight of the world within you? Do you find it difficult to let go of the suffering, anger and pain that you feel  within yourself and others?

I know how it is to feel physically sick and heavy when something is going on in the world. Horrible news, conflict and cruelty can leave you feeling immobilized, demotivated and powerless.

I get emails from many people who feel the same, asking me what can we do when we are exposed to the reality of tragedy and trauma that others are dealing with? How can we overcome our own pain long enough to do something constructive, what CAN we do and on a personal level how can we deal with the mean people without closing down our own hearts and minds?

As a sensitive energy therapist I had to learn fast how to deal with toxic energy so it did not put me in bed for a week!  I have since learned there are many simple ways to protect and clear our energy of fear, trauma and pain to overcome the burdens of feeling everything too deeply.

Peace is possible in the face of external drama and fear. Perhaps the only real way to world peace is to create peace in our own hearts.

Here are some steps you can take when you feel overwhelmed with pain and suffering of any kind.

  1. Distance yourself from the toxic energy whether it is coming from people, news articles or your face book feed:  Toxic vibes are as real as poisonous fumes pouring out of a dodgy truck into your air vents.  You can be informed without being bombarded, try not to endlessly stream, scroll and sign up to be polluted by fear. Secondary trauma is a real problem. Reduce your risk by stepping away.
  2. Ground Your energy: Many empaths go numb in the face of fear, often floating above their bodies to escape pain, disappearing out of their bodies like steam escaping a kettle. To ground yourself imagine sending energy tree roots deep into the earth from your tailbone and place your hand over your heart , take deep breaths and take 30 seconds to bring yourself back into your body and acknowledge your feelings.
  3. Release the pain you have taken on: Empaths absorb the pain they feel in others almost automatically. Flush this energy down the energy roots into mother earth to be safely neutralized or as you breathe deeply release those feelings up to your angels imagining it like black smoke leaving your body. Ask that all that you have absorbed be released and not remain in your body. Your mind will clear and you will feel lighter immediately. Do this regularly if you know you do this!
  4. Bless the problem, Bless the victims, Bless the perpetrator (this is hard but judgment embeds you into ego vibe and heals nothing). Finally bless yourself for what you’ve seen or experienced. Ask for Angels and light to surround the situation. Simply saying ” I bless this” brings light and changes the energy for you.
  5. Prayer brings vast amounts of light and healing not only to those being prayed for but also to the pray-er. It is an act of surrender offering the problem to the Divine and Angels, aligning with the Divine Source. As you allow Source energy to flow through you , you’ll instantly feel your intuition, power and vitality returning. Visualize the globe or a person in the palm of your hand, stream gentle light to them from your heart asking the angels to heal and bless them. You are not alone in your desire for a healed world!
  6. Cut your cords to disconnect from the darkness and fear. It is the dark energy which convinces us we are helpless and cannot do anything.Cord cutting is incredibly effective in healing trauma, conflict and releasing challenging relationships and memories.When a harsh event or person is tethered to your energy field it creates a funnel for fear energy, creating anxiety, nightmares, ill health and so on. When you cut the cords, these feelings and symptoms completely go away and the situation can heal. My Cord Cutting Meditation is available here

Painful events whether personal or not always have deeper lessons at their core. The answer is not to ignore and definitely not in joining in the voices of hatred and fear  but to look for the bigger picture and a positive way forward. Such events encourage us to make changes to ourselves and our world. If you sincerely ask “God, angels, what can I do to help heal this” an answer will arise within you. Perhaps prayer is all you need to do, perhaps donate, perhaps clear your own life of pain so to add more light to the world.

This week I am lighting a candle every day for the world. As I pray for guidance to find inner and outer peace, I send you love. R x

if you would like a professional energy clearing to release dark fear energies , cut your cords or release you of negative thoughts get in touch or book a session

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Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Energy therapist, Author and Teacher with more than 15 years in professional practice Rachel teaches how to heal and transform your life with energy therapy and through connecting to the angels.

To book an energy therapy session or reading with Rachel from anywhere in the world you can go to my website or contact me for a chat to find out more.



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