Is it Time to Stop Hiding Your Light?

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I’ve found that many people who are attracted to my work are super sensory empaths, who sense their intuition, sensitivity and compassion have a meaningful purpose.

They do!

The problem is that empaths have a tendency to soak up (and put up with) high levels of toxicity which drains their energy and blocks them from accessing their gifts.

Recently a highly sensitive empath wrote to me saying that she was over trying to dodge negative energy. She wrote: “I don’t want to waste my whole life hiding, it’s exhausting, there must be more to life than this!”

If you regularly find yourself hiding or feeling flattened by negative energy, then grab a cuppa, it’s time for some Rachel Truth Bombs:

Rachel Truth bomb #1:
You are not supposed to be burdened by your empathy. You are not here to hide your light. Feeling this way is a sign that you need to learn to protect your energy.

Rachel Truth Bomb #2

Feeling wiped out from soaking up negative energy is not and should never be considered a NORMAL and acceptable way to live.

Rachel Truth Bomb #3 When You address your energy boundaries you will stop feeling the need to hide and you won’t be drained all the time.

It frustrates me that the narrative about empaths is that they are powerless against the negativity in the world. It is simply not true!

This idea puts empaths into fear and keeps them in a cycle of limitation and struggle.

For instance many sensitives subconsciously keep themselves invisible in their careers because they fear overwhelm and criticism.

They give too much of themselves and attract people who drain and undermine them. 

This cycle of invisibility and overgiving keeps them poor and limited. 

Your deep sensitivity is a clue to your purpose but it’s not the whole picture.

First you must address your energetic boundaries.

When you stop soaking up the emotional & toxic energy of the world, you will be able to effortlessly access your gifts in a way that sustains and fulfils you.

Your inner protection system (intuition) will kick in like never before, and you’ll instinctively avoid toxic relationships and low energy BEFORE they can poison you!

You will understand what you are here to do and how you can best serve a higher purpose.

Empaths and Sensitives are highly intuitive, deeply compassionate and able to sense the unseen.

They’re here to change the world, not hide from it!

Think of the powerful High Priestess /Priest archetype who takes no B.S and yet is generous & loving with sharp as a blade intuition! 

Like all people with a big purpose, they have big soul lessons to learn- the empath soul lesson is psychic, emotional and physical boundaries

Angel Blessings
Rachel x
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  1. maureen

    Awesome info to live by – thanks

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Thank you Maureen. Angel Blessings Rachel x

  2. Ishraq

    Thank you for this powerful reminder. I love the example of the High Priestess/High Priest—reminding us that just like the hero of any story, we can learn how to be strong in our power while still being the loving souls we are. (I always think of Harry Potter’s journey, & Dumbledore & Gandalf but there are so many fictional and real life examples I love). Learning boundaries and energy clearing & protection more thanks to you, so thank you very much, Rachel.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Perfectly said! I love those heroes stories too. We are all seeking our power and realizing that it’s been there all along!
      Blessings to you! Rachel

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