Does Your Sensitivity Control You?

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How to stop being so impacted by negative energies & fears.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my angels was that my sensitivity was the key to my gifts: my ability to intuit, heal, channel and communicate with angels.

When I listened to what my sensitivity was telling me, instead of ignoring it, it became a very clear psychic channel for messages and daily guidance. 

The even bigger lesson was that outside energies- spiritual included are not supposed to control me.

I am the one in charge.

This is all true for you too.

You can harness your energy in such a way that you don’t take on everyone else’s thoughts, pain and psychic energy.

There is a school of thought that falsely believes that if you are sensitive, psychic, intuitive and spiritual that:

⭐You have ZERO control over the negative energies of the world and how they impact you.

⭐You are defenseless against the negative intentions and vibes of others. Soaking up all the fear energy thrown at you.

⭐You could be hit with a psychic message or an urge to channel at any given moment.

⭐You’ll see negative events, spirits, ghouls, ghosts, and entities looming over you and you won’t be able to control it.

⭐You’ll have to ambush people in the street and tell them their deceased Granny has a message.

None of this is true, not even close.

(Thank Heavens)

These are myths perpetuated by movies, TV shows, charlatans and people who don’t know any better.

No wonder so many people are afraid of their gifts.

When you learn to safely protect your energy and open your intuitive gifts you can take back your power over your sensitive energy.

You control outside energies and messages from spirit, they don’t control you!!

  • Your energy protection routine keeps you free of outside fear, negative vibrations and intrusions.
  • Your spiritual practice will allow you to tune in at will to  spiritual messages and switch off when you need to live your everyday life.

Remember: The gift of sensitivity and spiritual awareness is meant to help you and ultimately help others.

If your sensitivity is impacting you in a negative way, it only means that you need to learn some simple techniques to regain your power over your own energy.

I can help you with that in 3 ways:

Awaken Your Soul Gifts my Intuitive Development program will show you how to protect and develop your intuitive gifts. I will help you to remove your blocks, protect your energy and safely open your intuitive channels to receive messages and guidance. Doors are closing. Book here.

I wrote about how to properly protect your sensitive energy in depth in my book Loving Your Sensitive Self, A Guide to Protecting and Managing your Energy. Available on Amazon

I have multiple free resources on free angel library page to help you. Link to Free Resources above.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium, Teacher and Author


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