Are You Blocking The Universe?

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Do you unconsciously block your own abundance?
Maybe you are too busy, 🙋you feel guilty accepting nice things🙋‍♀️ or you just don’t want to appear selfish!
When you deflect compliments, gifts and offers of help you literally keep yourself stuck not realizing YOU are the block!
The Universe never stops trying to give to you. You get endless opportunities to let yourself receive!
I had one such opportunity this week, and I very nearly said no!
Here is what happens when you say yes!

This week I got a text from my beauty therapist offering me a last minute facial treatment.

I LOVE FACIALS I find them more relaxing than massage.

I looked at my to do list and groaned inwardly, ready to type back “sorry too busy”

…and then I stopped.

A soft voice said “Let yourself receive”.

I knew this was guidance so against my better judgement I accepted.

Praying it would all work out.🙏

Later as I emerged shiny and dazed from the beauty shop to get in my car, a man called out and offered me some fresh herbs FREE from his stall.

Again I said “Yes”and thanked him (& my angels).

In that moment I knew that by allowing myself to receive I shifted my energy & sent a clear message to the Universe that I am OPEN to abundance.

How close I came to unconsciously blocking these gifts because I thought I was too busy!

I felt so much more energised & relaxed to face my workload.

Plus I have fresh mint and basil!

Best of all: I got the message from the angels about the importance of being willing to receive.

What you believe, think and do is always reflected back at you.

It is too easy to unconciously block the Universe from delivering our manifestations and gifts with BS excuses.

When  you say no to abundance (Anything you really love and appreciate) you send a strong message to the Universe that you aren’t willing to receive.

You effectively turn away all the blessings that are coming to you.

However if you become conscious of how you are blocking yourself and turn that around simply by becoming willing to receive & be grateful you make way for greater abundance!

It’s a very simple law of energy and it works every time.

Here are some tips for letting the Universe know that you are willing to receive.

  1. Buy yourself a gift (I love sending myself gift hampers occasionally)
  2. Take some regular time out for rest with no other agenda but to refuel yourself.
  3. Create a daily gratitude list and use it to fully accept and receive all that you have already.
  4. Accept compliments, offers of genuine help, and gifts with a grateful open heart.
  5. When someone offers you something you would like- Say yes please thank you!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

Do you unconsciously block yourself from receiving abundance , guidance and healing?

Join my online class on May 21st to activate your energy to manifest your intentions. I will be taking you through the process to manifest with the angels & a guided healing and meditation to clear your blocks.

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