The Bigger Your Fear, The Bigger Your Purpose.

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Do you doubt your Divine Purpose and question the guidance you receive??

In my angel communication program I always set aside time to discuss the inevitable doubts and fears which come up when you start to connect with your angels for guidance.

Receiving real angel guidance is a big deal because it always leads to big positive life changes. When change is around the corner it can bring up excitement, but also FEAR!

Fear and doubt are the biggest blocks to following through on your soul purpose, and can hold you back for a long time!

The moment you sincerely invite your angels to intervene, they get to work bringing you into alignment with your higher path & your life purpose

So is it any wonder that your ego-fear mind freaks out and starts to put up resistance?

Doubt✔ Negative thoughts ✔Anxiety reactions✔

You start to question yourself and your guidance.
You wonder if it is real or your imagination.
You get anxious, worry what people will say.
You wonder if you are crazy to want to do something so different, so unconventional, so exciting!

So you procrastinate & don’t take the next step.

The ego is distracting you with fears and doubts to keep you under it’s control.

The truth is that everyone has doubts and fears about listening to their guidance and following their dreams.

It’s not whether you have fears or doubts that makes a difference its what you do about them that really counts.

In my first week of starting my angel business I could barely sleep because I was so fearful that the big “Angel Readings” sign outside my house would lead some kind of public humiliation or persecution!

I’ve worked with famous performers, successful business owners and well known authors in my healing work & every single one has experienced doubt & wondered whether they are crazy for listening to their guidance at some point. It’s just part of being human!

But they kept going anyway and that made all the difference.

You could say that fear is a good sign!

A big fear means that you have an even bigger purpose!

Your prayers, dreams and purpose are all too important to be sabotaged by fear.

Here is a prayer you can use to clear the sabotaging effects of fear:

Dear Archangel Michael and my Guardian Angels,

I call upon you now to  cut cords to fear, doubt and procrastination. 

Release me of the grip ego has over my mind.  Clear my energy of toxic ,ego-based thoughts and feelings.

Give me loud, clear, guidance that I can easily understand. 

Fill me with the courage and confidence to follow your guidance to my purpose and dreams. 


Make an intention this week to call on your angels each time you experience fear.

Allow their light to guide you rather than letting fear  sabotage you.

Angel Blessings  x

Rachel Scoltock.

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