Archangel Azrael The Angel Of Grief and Transition


Archangel Azrael is the angel I call upon for if I have a clientwho is mourning a loved one, or is going through a big change in their life which is bringing up grief.

As the angel of grief, and transition, he is ready to help anyone who is suffering the deep heartache of loss and change.

His huge radiant presence is immensely comforting & healing. He spreads his wings and arms wide to welcome you into his loving embrace.

This huge angel appears as a calming presence, radiating a golden, white light which gently melts away heavy emotions and helps us to process our deep emotions including grief.

One of the hardest things to deal with on planet Earth is loss and grief.  Which is why we’ve been given a special angel to help us with this painful subject. 

Losing loved ones is deeply painful for everyone, even spiritual mediums as we all need to grieve the physical absence of the one we love so much. 

We all need to go through the tunnel of grief and  slowly  come to live with and even accept our loss as we continue to function in our every day lives.  When we grieve, normal functioning can feel impossible at times. 

Azrael helps you to live and remember your purpose and the joys of life as you go through these hard times. He helps you to connect to the spiritual realm givign you the courage and inspration to live life to the full as your loved one would want you to .

Whether you are grieving a change in life or a death, it’s all grief and we need to process it. I don’t believe in measuring time or competing levels of grief. Everyone feels and processes grief uniquely, and there is no judgment from me or your angels!

When we lose a loved one, time can stand still, and a loss of many years can feel like yesterday.

It can be hard to get used to our loved one being in their spirit body rather than their physical presence! 

Receiving genuine signs and messages from our loved ones can be a profound help with processing grief and finding peace after someone beloved has passed. 

Real signs can uplift your heart during the darkest of times, and give you faith that the spirit never dies. 

When someone is open to after death communicat ion, I’ve noticed that their loss can lead to transformative spiritual insight and wisdom. Many people who have suffered great loss, find themselves drawn to spirtual learning. 

It makes sense that  the angels are sent to help us in loss, they help us in so many ways, including contacting our loved ones in Heaven.

Archangel Azrael is the angel to call on when you are missing a loved one. He’ll  help to gently move through grief to a place of understanding, wisdom and  acceptance 

He provides divine comfort and reassurance, buffering our energy as we process shock, loss and grief, gently guiding us as we try to function in the material world while we long to be with those who we’ve lost. 

When we are ready he can assist us in communicating with  loved one on the other side, opening the channels for signs, messages and after death communication.

Azrael is  often a guide for those who have the special and healing life purpose of spiritual mediumship

This month I am presenting a workshop to connect you with Archangel Azrael and receive his assistance in your life.

The Archangel Azrael Attunement for Emotional healing will help you to release difficult emotions including grief so you can feel a sense of freedom and lightness. In this 90 minute workshop I will show you how to open your link to loved ones in Heaven to receive more signs and messages. You will be attuned to Archangel Azrael- and be able to call on him whenever you need to.

The cost of this workshop is $57 AUD (Approx $38 USD/ 28 GBP) link here to reserve your spot. Go here to find out more


Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium. Spiritual Teacher and Author

You can work with Rachel by booking a private reading, or attending her workshops, attunements and programs

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