An Angel Prayer to Remove Obstacles

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Do you ever feel as if something or someone is holding you back?
Maybe you keep hitting frustrating obstacles over and over again?
Perhaps you feel that you should be further along financially, career-wise, or in relationships?

Or you just get a sense that you’re swimming against the tide!

This may not be paranoia, sometimes there IS something holding you back that you can’t quite see!

You can ask your angels to help you with this!

Angels are powerful, light filled allies who love to assist you with removing any obstacle on your path!

They can show you what you might be missing and remove anything that is impinging on your free will and negatively impacting you.

One thing you should know is that Angels can only intervene on your behalf when you give them specific permission to do so, due to the Law of Free Will.

You can ask any angel, including your guardian angel to remove obstacles and protect you against harm.

The best angel to invoke when you feel held back is the mighty Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael’s role is to help us to overcome fear and protect us against the energy and misdeeds of others.

This huge angel of protection carries a flaming sword which he uses to remove negativity, sever cords, remove psychic attack, and shield us against anything or anyone that could our inner peace, safety, and success!

It’s important that you don’t give your power to others.

However, the low vibrations of fear can act like an anchor, tethering you into lower vibrations and blocking your progress through life. When fear is allowed to enter your mind and energy, it will act like a thick cloud, preventing you from accessing all your power.

Here are 3 ways fear could be blocking you:

1-Thoughts-Fear can be generated by your own thoughts, worries, and negative emotions such as resentment, blame, guilt, and low self worth. It’s important to work with the angels to release these thought forms and take back your power!

2-Cords-You can be corded to another person through mutual fear, negativity, conflict, or hurt feelings. These cords can drain away your life force energy, funnelling the lower emotional energy of the situation or person into your own life. This can hold you back as the lower energy pulls you backwards like a bungy rope!

3-Psychic Attack-If someone has intense negative feelings towards you, such as jealousy or anger, their negative intentions can have an impact on you and your life. You can easily remove this energy with the help of Archangel Michael and other angels.

Here is a prayer that you can say to your angels to help you to take back your power and overcome any obstacle:

Dear God, Higher Self, Archangels, Angels and all Beings of God’s Light,

If it be for the Highest Path of all concerned I request that you please prevent anyone, including myself from creating problems and obstacles in my life.

I ask that all cords be severed, all psychic attack removed, and all obstacles created by fear or negativity released and transmuted immediately to the light.

I am willing to give up my own toxic thoughts and attachments so I can take back my Divine Power!

I ask that anyone who wishes me harm be diverted, removed, and blocked from impacting my energy and intentions for success.

Please shield me completely against those with negative intentions, past or present.

I ask that my path be cleared and blessed.

I particularly ask for healing, intervention and guidance with this situation (STATE THE SITUATION CLEARLY)

I request sincerely that all barriers to my inner peace, happiness, success be dismantled in the name of the Divine.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for removing all obstacles in my life!


To increase the power of this prayer combine this prayer with any of my online meditations in my Angel Meditation Library or my store: The Cutting the Cords with Archangel Michael Meditation / Deep Angelic Clearing Meditation are wonderful.

For an intensive deep removal of all negativity, and obstacles join me for the Sacred Angelic Violet Flame Attunement December 8th 2023 (or sign up for the replay)

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium


  1. Charlene Cullen

    Love it ? I’m going to keep saying it

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thank you for this prayer. A good prayer to close out 2023.

      • Rachel

        you are welcome

  2. karlena strynadka

    Thank you So much for this Powerful prayer Rachel?? You are an Angel on this Earth for me, always guiding me back to my higher more peaceful, loving, light filled path, I am very grateful for you, I’m crying as I say this because I’ve been spiritually attacked for 3yrs by Matias De Stefano and the group of people he’s attached to.You have permission to read my energy to know what I’m saying is true and to know everything I’ve been experiencing.. I’ve been alone in dealing with these spiritual attacks , your light filled loving guidance and the angels guidance has really helped get me through to know that God, the Arc Angels, and an Earth Angel has been with me through those dark times guiding me back to the Light. Sending you lots of gratitude, love, and peace?

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