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Dear friend, 

I am sending you oodles of Divine Love and Support. 

Isn’t it amazing how much can change in a week? The headlines, the cancellations, the “what if”s” are exhausting and it feels unreal at times.

My Angels are asking that we shift to higher consciousness to allow for healing to happen globally and personally.

“Dear Beloved One ,we ask that you now use your tools of light, shift your thoughts away from fear and to the eternal and unconditional love  of your true nature. There has never been a more perfect time for you to attune to our Love. Trust! As you lay down your defenses and fears, you will discover that we are speaking to you still, whispering guidance and sending you loving signs of our presence.

Please use only gentle words and thoughts , breathe deeply and this will open your heart to our light.

We ask that you do not be afraid, seek peace. We liken the current situation to a storm cloud on a weather map moving over you. It seems dark and ominous but it is passing and the sun will shine again. You are sheltered from the worst as you access the Light.

We Angels promise to hold you strong and stand by you through these challenges. We will stabilize you. Please invite us with your free will. Everything will feel different when you invoke us angels to your side.”  Your Angels.

This message makes sense: One of hardest elements of what we are experiencing right now is the fear & panic that seems to be seeping into everything, like unwanted cigarette smoke.

We know logically  that anxiety lowers our immunity, but it seems difficult when you are IN it to switch to higher thinking.

That is because a great deal of people are choosing low vibrational thinking and responses. The mass consciousness fear can draw you in like a rip tide in the ocean.

Which is why you need to swim away from the bombardment of fear gossip, news & social media a while and surrender what is worrying you to God and the Angels. ( I have added a new Free Surrender meditation to my website access it here)

Energy clearing skills are a powerful way to clear yourself of fear, ground yourself into the moment and tune into your inner voice.

(Watch my healing video Energy skills for the Corona Virus for some healing techniques)

When you keep your aura and mind energy clear and connect to Divine Source and the angels, the all-pervading fear & other nasties can’t penetrate your well being! You can stay centred no matter what is going on around you.

As you rise and hold this vibration of light,  you can become a light to others.
Spiritual teacher Dr Wayne Dyer taught us before he passed that those among us who are awakened and attracted to healing and light, are meant to hold that vibration to balance the fear and darkness that lurks on our planet. You and I have a responsibility to focus on light and use our spiritual tools right now, and THAT is the key to healing and changing our world for the better!

The world needs your light, it is part of your purpose.

You are very loved! All is, and shall be, Divinely Well.

Love and Angel Blessings Rachel x

I will share more videos and messages over the coming week to support you in this. Remember the 10 Day spiritual challenge? You can watch that again HERE!

You are important to me and to the angels so stay connected. I share LOTS on instagram and facebook daily so if you are not already following me you are welcome! Instagram

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