The 10 Day Spiritual Connection Challenge

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Welcome to the 10 day Spiritual Connection Challenge, designed to help you raise your vibes and shine your light! Each day I will create a new video giving you a spiritual practice, insight and guidance to help you to make a positive shift in your life.

I would love to hear from you if you are following these videos, let me know how it is working for you in the comments below, and share with your friends #spiritualconnectionchallenge and tag me on social media.  Meditations to help you are available here

Scroll down to see all the videos in the series:

Day 10 Spiritual connection Challenge- Faith and Signs


Day 9 Spiritual Connection Challenge- Add Power and Light to Your Manifestations and Mantras


Day 8 Spiritual Connection challenge Let it Go, Let It Flow.

Day 7 Spiritual Connection Challenge- Intuition is VITAL

Day 6 Spiritual Connection Challenge- Disconnect from Fear & Trauma

Day 5 Spiritual Connection Challenge- Claim Your Energy Boundaries.

Do people take advantage of you, pull at your energy and ignore your boundaries? You re too psychically open and they can sense it!!

Day 4 of the Spiritual Connection Challenge- Manifesting Without Ego (scroll down for day 1-3)

Day 3 of the Spiritual Connection Challenge- Letting Go of Negative Vibes ( Scroll down to see previous videos)


Here is Day 2 of the Spiritual connection Challenge- This will help you with Anxiety and Turning Up Your Intuition   (Scroll down for Day 1)


Here is Day 1 of the challenge- The Highest Energy of All

Here is the Prayer for today’s challenge
In the name of Divine Spirit/ God/ Great Spirit/ Creator.
I ask for and Invite the Holy Divine angels to escort me, guide and guard me today. I particularly ask your help with…
Align my mind with the Divine Mind, Align my will the Divine Will and align my path to match my highest good, I invite your help in my life for the highest good of all. Amen




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