A Story About a Dog and the Law of Attraction

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Last night I was walking from the beach at sundown when I met a harassed looking woman chasing her cheeky dog to put him in the car.

He was having none of it, he thought it a great game to bound away whenever she got within inches! Another dog walking couple tried to help and it became quite a scene! I had a giggle to myself but didn’t feel I needed to get involved, I kept walking.

It was at that moment that the fluff ball spotted me and bounced over landing at my feet with a big grin on his face. I bent over patted him and then gently gripped his collar and handed him to his red faced mum. 

The reason he was drawn to me? I was unattached and not trying to chase him.

It doesn’t just work for dogs, it works for EVERYTHING in the Universe!

This week’s Video Message is all about how you can make yourself magnetic to abundance, love and all your heart’s desires using metaphysical tools and by understanding the law of energy.

The Law of Attraction is all about ATTRACTING (not CHASING) what you want and need.

Chasing always repels what you want!

(haven’t you ever been pursued by an enthusiastic sales person, an over friendly stranger or a particularly keen admirer to the point that you wanted to run for the hills?🏃‍♀️)

The grasping, overbearing vibe of these individuals just pushes you away, no matter how much you might need what they are offering. 

That is because there is a whole world of difference between letting the Divine know what you want, being open to receive (faith) and trying too hard to make something happen (fear)

That fear and stress energy is what repels you and makes you want to run away.

All energy responds in the same way, it is a Universal law.

Even if you just succumbed to the guilt and pressure, you would still NEVER forget how that person made you feel, and you’d be unlikely to go back for more. 

When you rid yourself of fear, urgency, and over-attachment to the outcome you become irresistibly magnetic.
You draw what you need and want effortlessly. You don’t need to chase or struggle or get exhausted and frustrated!

When you detach-you naturally become attractive and what seemed to be missing or scarce before, will show up in your life naturally, synchronistically and with ease. ( phew)

This is powerful law of energy is all about a shift in your mindset, a change of vibration and surrender. This is something I had to learn several times over in my business (thank you angels!)

To make the switch from chasing to attracting you must let go of  fear, guilt, the beliefs and attachments that are undermining your natural energy vibration you learn to ask in the right way and you harness your energy to receive! 

Ask the Archangel Michael to help you to surrender your attachment to outcome. He will cut your cords to what you are chasing and to those things that have created fear in the past. You can then focus on what you want with ease.

Learn how to become magnetic and you’ll never have to chase anything again.

This works for money, love, family conflict, court cases, business, job searching, romance, dogs  and every darn thing on the planet.

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Learn 3 Ways to make yourself magnetic 
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Angel Blessings 

Rachel x

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