“It is time to heal Dear One, we are with you especially for this task, we only seek your permission to clear your body and energy of heavy, dark vibrations which pull you down into fear. We can refresh and renew you and return you to your natural state of pure Love” The Angels of Light.
As a spiritually sensitive person, you feel everything so deeply, this also means you have a tendency to absorb toxic fear vibes from the world, the people you come into contact with and even from places and the internet. Whenever fear is triggered within you, it pulls you down and disconnects you from your Higher self making you feel rotten! These fear thoughts are viral and can have very real physical and emotional effects on your body mind and even your bank account, your relationships and your health.  You can disconnect from the fear and shine your light again by clearing your energy regularly.

Have you noticed that the full moon is magnifying all energy, causing you to feel even more sensitive?  It can be a roller coaster ride,  but on the up side it is allowing you to identify what needs to be healed in your life. When you block your strong feelings you tend to block your guidance, you can’t get to it because you are invested in NOT sensing anything.

Many sensitives try to numb out their feelings with chemicals or distraction or by being ungrounded and floaty but that ultimately makes you feel worse.  Emotional energy does not simply disappear it will eventually hit you . Dulling your sensitivity  this way just supresses your growth and awareness and keeps you stuck in an endless pattern.  Open aware sensitives are needed in this world so seemingly full of insensitives!

If you are going through a life challenge, feeling “over it”, working too hard, or contemplating a big life event you may be feeling particularly overwhelmed, weepy, and unsettled at the moment. You know change needs to happen but you may not feel you have the energy or motivation for it. Remember you are not alone, your angels are with you, and will help you even more when you ask them to and trust in their miracles.  The real reason you are fed up is because you are ready for this big shift that is coming, you are ready to let go of the OLD way of doing things, and that means you are exactly where you are meant to be.

This is not just about you, everything is changing, it is about surrendering and letting go of all the fear that holds you back and exhausts you.

This Angel guided energy cleanse will recenter you and help you to understand the next best step to take in your life, while removing the effects of fear from your system.  Follow each step which has been infused with angel energy.  Once you are clear you will see the guidance you need to take in your life, and you will feel so much better!

  1. Find a quiet Space: light a candle if you have one, play some gentle music, lie down
  2. Invoke: “Archangel Michael, Lord of Light, please clear me of all fear energies I have absorbed. Please remove all attachments, cords, toxins, entities and psychic attack, please transmute all to the light and replace all with Divine Love”
  3. Breathe: at least Five deep slow long breaths, in for the count of four, hold for four, release for four. Repeat
  4. Focus: let go and release all fear from within and around you including any resentments, anger, or hurt which you may be holding.
  5. You may feel symptoms of release: air pressure changes, goosebumps, gurgling- bodily shifts take place when the angels work on us.
  6. Receive: After releasing ask for healing energy, be open and breathe deeply visualizing light coming into your body. notice any visions or guidance you receive.
  7. Shield: Ask for a cloak of purple light to protect you from absorbing more fear.
  8. Set Your Intentions- State aloud what you want to manifest in your life with love, feel it, see it- hand on heart!
  9. Discover more energy clearing and healing techniques for sensitives and empaths in my book Loving your Sensitive Self
  10. Cut your cords using this brand new meditation: Cut the cords with Archangel Michael

A regular Angel-energy cleanse can strengthen your energy field and increase your spiritual and intuitive awareness.  There are a few clearing meditations on my website including some free downloads. For a deeper clearing and healing go to rachelscoltock.com to book an intuitive energy therapy session or a personal Angel reading and healing.

Rachel Scoltock is an Australian angel medium, professional energy therapist and author. You can book an intuitive energy healing session in person or via skype or a remote Angel reading with Rachel at rachelscoltock.com




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