How to Work with Archangel Zadkiel & the Violet Flame

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YIn this article I’ll share with you all about working with Archangel Zadkiel and the spiritually cleansing Violet flame to clear lower energies, obstacles, and negative karma.

Are you ready to let go all negative energy that holds you back?

Are you ready to use a spiritual cleansing tool to easily release blocks, cleanse negative karma so you can get on the path to your divine purpose?


By working with Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame you can clear away anything that is holding you back and replace it with a feeling of inner peace, balance, and flow.

The Violet Flame is a powerful energy tool of  energy purification and transmutation which has been given to humanity to manage negativity and fear and the karma negative energy can produce. The Violet Flame has the ability to transmute negative and unwanted energy very fast bringing purification whomever uses it.. This is an effective way to remove obstacles, problems, resolve challenges, and heal your life, finances and relationships.

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel charged with bringing the Violet Flame to humanity!

The Archangel Zadkiel directs the flame to remove heavy, dark energy from within and around you and refill you with Divine love bringing your life back into balance.

If you have been recently introduced to (or reminded of) the Violet Flame, it’s a sign that the Archangel wants to work with you using this powerful healing tool to benefit yourself and others.

You can use it personally on your own energy to clear unwanted fear thoughts and their effects on you. You can also use it to to clear energy for the greater good of all from places, people and situations.

The Violet Flame can be used for:

Clearing your body and personal energy field.

Protecting your energy

Releasing Karma

Clearing locations, buildings, the planet.

Clearing the affects of past and present events. (such as upsetting events, break ups, accidents, war, viruses)

Clearing the energy of your mind, memories, thoughts, trauma, fears, relationships.


Clearing blocked energy from situations so they can heal- conflicts, debt, money problems, negative patterns etc.

Healing and cleansing the energy of people, places, and buildings.

Resetting your energy and mindset so you can feel positive and easily manifest what you want and need.

You can use the Violet Flame on any situation feels negative or blocked.

The Law of Free Will means that God, the angels and your spiritual guides cannot force their will on humanity or the planet.

The Violet Flame must be directed by people. The angels cannot use it unless someone directs them to (as long as it is used for the Highest Good)

For example, if you have experienced a trauma in your life, such as a car accident, the trauma of the original event can remain with you and cause a chain reaction.  You might have reoccurring bad dreams, fear thoughts,  anxiety about driving, and other fearful reactions and feelings related to the original trauma. These fearful effects may lead you to feel unsafe, have sleepless nights,  gain weight, or avoid driving again.

When you work with Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame to focus the original trauma you can free yourself from the cause, the fear and pain from the original incident , and the ongoing effects (the nightmares, worries, weight etc)

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect.

This means that everything you put out into the world always comes back to you, this includes your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

You have probably noticed that the more you focus on negative events or worst case scenarios, the more the negative energy grows. Like pouring fuel on a fire!

If you find yourself repeatedly hitting the same challenges and block’s in your career , love life, or finances. This is a sign that there is some negative karma causing problems.

When you call on Archangel Zadkiel and use the Violet Flame decree, you can shift those negative energies, and start to manifest a more peaceful, positive, and abundant path again.

How to Use the Violet Flame

To use the Violet flame you need to invoke it using a decree – or invocation. Before doing any spiritual work you should always invoke the angels first to bring about the Highest good and ensure Divine energy is present.

1-Ask Archangel Zadkiel, the guardian angels, and any other angels to be present to oversee your use of the Violet flame

“I ask for and invite Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Michael and my guardian angels to be with me to release and transmute all negative energy using the Violet Flame in this situation. (tell them directly what you want). Please wrap me in a shield of Divine Protective Light and guide this process. Amen”

2- Repeat the  Violet Flame Decree 9 x:

I am a being of Violet Fire, I am the Purity God Desires

I am a being of Violet Fire, I am the Purity God Desires

Repeat this sentence 9 times while focusing on any subject that feels stuck or negative in your life.

The more rounds you do, the more intensive the healing effects of the Violet Flame. Repeat until the situation feels lighter.

You can say I am a being of violet fire, while focusing on your own aura, or any situation that needs cleansing. Or you can name the situation.

E.g. This situation is a being of violet fire, this situation is the purity God desires.

“My finances are a being of violet firer, my finances are the purity God Desires”

As you repeat the decree you visualize your subject immersed in the purifying pink and purple flame. It is harmless and safe. It removes negative energy only.

Who is Archangel Zadkiel?

I call Archangel Zadkiel- the energiser bunny angel! When he is around you feel as if you’ve had a strong coffee without  the rattling effects of caffeine!

As the guardian of the Violet Flame. Archangel Zadkiel radiates a vibrant violet and dark blue aura. Zadkiel is the best angel to call on if you feel sluggish, dragged down by negativity. He’s great when you need motivation , inner peace or to boost your memory to pass exams or finish a project.

He guides you to release the low energies, bad thoughts, and upsetting memories that hold you hostage, by bathing them in the cosmic violet flame.

To clear negative thoughts that are holding back, you can visualise your mind and head bathed in violet flames as you say “My mind is a being of violet fire, my mind is the purity God desires”

Sometimes you may not know WHAT is pulling you down. In this case you can visualise your entire self enveloped in the Violet Flame.

Each time you transmute negative energy, you are freed from a karmic cycle and you receive more abundance and blessings in your life.

You can make huge leaps in personal and spiritual progress by consistently invoking Archangel Zadkiel and Violet Flame.

Best of all you can use it for world events too, visualise a country or the world surrounded with the flame to heal the planet and  raise consciousness.

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