What to Do About Energy Vampires

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Have you ever felt utterly exhausted after interacting with someone, as if all your energy has been drained away? You might have encountered an Energy Vampire. These are individuals who, often unconsciously, siphon your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and overwhelmed. Energy vampires can be draining people, bullies, insecure folks who want constant reassurance, competitors, or those who simply take your energy without giving anything in return.

Identifying Energy Vampires

Energy vampires can come in various forms:
The Drainer: Someone who constantly unloads their problems onto you without reciprocating support.
-The Bully: An individual who uses intimidation or aggression to dominate and drain your energy.
– The Competitor: Someone who always tries to outdo you and steal your ideas.
The Needy: Individuals who demand constant attention and reassurance, never giving you a break.

Immediate Techniques to Cut Cords and Shield Your Energy

When you find yourself in a draining interaction, it’s crucial to protect your energy.

Here are some effective techniques:

1. Cutting Cords with the help of Archangel Michael: Archangel Michael is known for his powerful ability to sever energetic cords. Visualize Michael wielding a bright, blue flaming sword, cutting away any cords that are draining your energy. Imagine these cords dissolving and feel the lightness and peace that follow.

2. Folding Your Hands Over Your Solar Plexus: This simple yet effective technique helps protect your energy center. If you’re in a conversation that feels draining, subtly fold your hands over your solar plexus (the diaphragm area just below your chest). This action shields your energy from being siphoned.

3. Carrying Protective Crystals: Certain crystals can help shield your energy from being drained and repel energy vampires. Consider carrying:
Amethyst: Known for its protective and calming properties.
– Sugilite: Powerfully associated with Archangel Michael, this stone helps shield against negativity.
– Black Tourmaline: A powerful stone for grounding and protection, deflecting negative energies.

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Navigating interactions with energy vampires can be challenging, but with these techniques, you can protect your energy and maintain your well-being. Remember, you have the power to stay grounded and light-filled, no matter what comes your way.

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Having worked professionally for more than 2 decades Rachel is an expert in Angel communication and Psychic development. An Angel Channel with a profoundly clear connection, Rachel can help you to discover your angel’s guidance, develop your spiritual gifts, and communicate with your angels.



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  1. maureen

    Thankyou for this as I seem to be bombarded with alot of negative crap this week. Thankyou for the tools above and I ask ArchAngel Michael to be with everyday. I enjoy your weekly Mondays, but not too sure where to put a comment as it’s not to available.


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