What to Do About Energy Vampires

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This is hard to write but true:

Some people genuinely treat healers, empaths and psychics as their own free 24 hour advice lines and dumping grounds for their negativity.

“It’s a gift” they say, “you should give it away!”

They don’t actually want to be healed or take responsibility for themselves by following your good advice.

They just want your time, your yummy energy and to make a little crazy in your life.

Newsflash-You don’t have to put up with it!

It’s not what you or I are here for!

And if you believe otherwise it will lead to you to a lot of drama and heartache and a big empty hole where your life-force used to be. (low energy has a major impact on your income btw)

If this is happening to you then you need to learn how to properly protect your energy and build some strong boundaries pronto.

This is why I teach  these skills: energy protection, ethics and boundaries for empaths, psychics and healers in my Angel Communication Program

I learned these lessons the hard way: my first year in business, 2 decades ago, was a shock to my system. I was exhausted on a whole new level, often flat-out on the healing table, praying for the strength to face my next client!

A difficult client could leave me drained for days!

I also noticed that my energy was directly correlated with my income, if I was drained and down my customers started to fall away too.

This continued until I learned the importance of good energy boundaries for healers. I even wrote a book about it.

Setting good boundaries also ensures you don’t attract those energy vampires and crazy makers so much.

I meet a lot of people who want to take the steps to develop their gifts & build healing business but they’re deep down, scared of being drained and overwhelmed.

Let me guide you to taking your angel connection and psychic ability to the next level safely and with proper energy protection and boundaries:

Angel Communication Certification starts next week. November 8th.

I’d love to guide you through this these positive and life-altering skills..

You can use the link below to book now, pay in 6 instalments or pay in full $1997 and save $385.  Go Her

$397 AUD x 6 months. Pay here
(approx $254 USD a month)

Would you like to chat about Angel Communication, see if it is right for you? Send me a reply asap and we’ll set up a call.
Angel Blessings
Rachel x


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