What the *Bleep* are Angels and How Can They Help You?

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A woman asked me the other day: What the *bleep* are Angels and how the heck can they help me?

Even though I don’t usually hear swearing in the same sentence as angels, I knew that she wasn’t just being confrontational, she was genuinely in the dark about angels and why I would run a business around them.

Some people don’t believe in angels, not only because they’re sceptical but because they don’t know a thing about them or how they can help us.

Other people are deeply closed and sceptical through and through, and nothing short of a white clad winged being in their living room would convince them. And even then….

Many others just KNOW that angels exist, either because they have experienced a miracle or because their inner wisdom tells them.

I admit was sceptical at first, years ago I believed in a spirit world but I just wasn’t sure there could be benevolent winged spiritual beings who watched over and guided me.

That changed one day when I began to tap into their help and tentatively ask for assistance. I’d been receiving signs for a few months, then one day I said ” Angels if you are there please help me”

In that moment I received miraculous assistance which I could not ignore or argue away.  Learn more in my book My life with Angels.

I believe it is okay to be an open minded sceptic, about angels ( or anything) to start off with. However, if you are totally sceptical, your ego shuts your mind down, and nothing new will be allowed to enter your awareness- you can’t grow or learn if you think you already know it all!

After my angel experiences, my inner skeptic was completely out of the way  and I came to understand why angels are with us all and how they can help us.

Your angels will watch over you whether you consciously believe in them or not and will always try to help you, putting helpful people in your path and whispering guidance into your mind.

These ancient spiritual guides can do more for you when you ASK for their help because you have free will to choose your own path.

Asking allows you to be more open and receptive to the guidance and  amazing signs that your angelic guides send to you.

Nowadays, I cannot imagine a life without their help, it would feel dull, sad and void of magic.

Angels are not religious figures, they have existed since the beginning of time as spiritual loving messengers from the Higher power.

They are ancient, wise fiercely loving beings who are here to watch over us ALL as we navigate life. If we wish, they will help us to fulfil our soul purpose.

Not accepting their help would be like trying to live with one arm tied behind your back. You would get by, but wouldn’t life be easier if you used what God gave you?

They are healers, protectors, guides and teachers who appear in every spiritual belief system and culture under different names.

Their power to heal is fast and can be miraculous, I’ve seen adults and young children heal from physical, mental and emotional issues and walk away free of their burdens and suffering.

However, there is an even bigger picture- angels are here to help humanity individually AND as a whole to heal from fear and to become wiser , more enlightened and more peaceful.

Can you imagine a world where every individual consciously asks their spiritual guardians for guidance and works towards bringing more peace and enlightenment to our lives?

The angels want you to understand yourself as part of the whole, they are nudging you awake with signs ( such as 111, white feathers, and inner guidance to change your life, expand your awareness and change your diet)

They encourage you to love yourself and honour your spiritual connection as well as your physical life.

As masters of the laws of the Universe, your Divine guides help you to manifest what you need, AND they are experts on you and the purpose that your soul wants to fulfil this lifetime.

Through this knowledge your angels can help you to heal your pain and suffering,  to transcend life challenges and align your life with your soul plan.

All you need to do to invoke their  assistance, is to ask. Tell them your doubts, your fears, ask them for healing and to bring more peace and abundance into your life.

Dear Angels, Thank you for your guidance, support and protection. I am now ready to live my Divinely Guided Soul path. I accept your help and intervention into my life.
I am willing to open myself to your healing and to let go of all the blocks and barriers which are holding me back. Help me to release my pain and struggles and replace them with peace and abundance.
I ask and invite you to guide me from this day forward, please help me today with…………..
Thank you for showing me the peaceful way to manifest my dreams and goals.
Please show me clear signs that you have heard my prayer today. Thank you angels.
And so it is Amen.

Ask your angels for help aloud or in writing, but please ask!
I am putting together an online course about angels and how to connect with them and your intuition, I will tell you about it next week!
Angel blessings Rachel x

Thank you so much for reading my newsletters and watching my videos, I so appreciate you and I send you blessings and love!

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Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Rachel Scoltock is an angel medium, Spirtual teacher and author. She helps spiritual seekers, lightworkers and empaths to understand their guidance, communicate with angels and discover their purpose.



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