What Should You Do?

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Over the last 2 decades of of giving angel readings and teaching psychic development students how to give themselves and others professional level readings the question I’ve encountered the most is;

Angels what should I do about xyz?”  I always change the question to “What guidance do you have for me about xyz

Because should is a negative, guilt inducing word.

It assumes that the Universe & the angels have rules and judgments about what you should and shouldn’t do.

They don’t!

There are no “shoulds” in the spiritual realm.  

The S word is a big block to your intuition too.

Have you ever shoulded yourself into doing something your intuition told you NOT to do?

  • Said yes instead of no because you didn’t want to upset someone?
  • Taken on a client or a contractor who didn’t feel right?
  • Put up with shoddy treatment in favor of speaking up for yourself?
  • Purchased something you didn’t need because you couldn’t say no to the sales person?
  • Stayed in a situation too long out of guilt?
  • Said no to a golden opportunity because you don’t want to appear selfish?
  • Kept yourself stuck because you felt guilty investing time, energy and money in yourself.

Your intuition is constantly guiding you to the perfect path for you (and away from the wrong one) but you aren’t giving it a chance because you are overriding the guidance with guilt. 

When you distrust your guidance you allow should to take control of your life and waste precious time, money and energy.

You attract boundary breakers and gaslighters because you’re in guilt mode.

Next time you have a decision to make: ask yourself, am I choosing this because I think I should or because it’s right for me?

If it feels like a should, take a few deep breaths and ask Archangel Michael to clear you of guilt, shame and fear.

Then choose according to your intuitive guidance.

Are you ready to make your intuition the guiding force in your life, instead of fear, guilt and the opinions of others? Take the next step and join me for the Awaken Your Soul Gifts Program. We start next week and I have made it as easy and accessible as I can for you.
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Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

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