What Do Angel Signs Really Mean?

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Last Tuesday I left my home in Australia and travelled for 27 hours to England.

I’m here to spend time with close family some of whom are not well, visit with friends and.. go on a special ancient sacred sites tour.

When I arrived I was excited to reunite with family, but I’d forgotten how debilitating jetlag can be.

For the first few days I felt so disoriented, disconnected, emotional and out of sorts I could barely function.

I needed to clear my personal vibration and reconnect with my angels.

After getting some sleep, the angels directed me to clear my chakras and raise my frequency by grounding myself to Heaven and Earth.

I wrapped myself in protection, asking the angels to guide my day.

Feeling better, I went for a walk in the frosty sunshine!

I was greeted by a carpet of white feathers. Everywhere I turned pure white feathers were either floating down infront of me, scattered on my path and sticking to my winter coat like snowflakes.

Several cars passed with 444 number plates. (444 means your angels are around you)

One registration read “ILVU” another” ANG3LS” and another “HVFAITH”.

I walked past a house named “Faith Cottage”. Someone had painted a kangaroo on a roadsign.

This relentless shower of angel signs has not stopped either.

The angels are making sure I KNOW that I am loved and they are with me.

People often ask me what signs from the angels actually mean.

They worry that they’re missing a deeper message and even fear that their sign could be a bad omen!

I get it, many people have been conditioned to be superstitious about spirituality and signs & to imagine that there’s bad juju coming their way.

However, this is just a myth. 

The signs your angels send you are always loving and their meaning simple; You are loved and spiritually supported.

You don’t need to over analyse the signs you receive, just accept them and say thank you

The angels goal for you is to bring peace and the highest and best outcome to your situation. They want you to know you are loved and safe.

They would never scare you with “bad omens”. In truth if your angels do ever want to warn you about something, the message will be clear and will arrive in a loving peaceful way.

The main purpose of any sign you receive is to remind you that you are loved and watched over by Heaven.

Angelic signs often come in response to your wishes, thoughts and prayers for support and comfort.

They are an affirmation and validation of the presence of loving, celestial guides who love you unconditionally.

Anything else is an ego illusion of fear. Fear is a clear signal that you need to clear and protect your energy and realign  your vibration with Divine Love!

Here are a few ways you can deepen your connection with your angels right now:

1- My books Loving Your Sensitive Self and My Life with Angels both detail ways that you can shift your energy to connect with the angelic realm and recieve more signs and clear guidance.

2- Clear your energy and connect using one of the many meditations on my Free Angel Library

3 – Book the Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith Attunement Webinar to create Divine Relationships May 20th 2022-Here

4- If you are serious about creating a stronger deeper connection with your angels and your own intuitive gifts: Sign up to the Awaken your Soul Gifts Program starting June 2022 Contact me


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