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Dear friend,

I was honored to speak at World Angel Day today. My talk was about how to receive more signs and guidance from the angels.

A lot of my clients tell me they feel guilty asking the angels for more signs and guidance, they feel as if they are pulling them away from more important tasks like world peace.  They think if they accept angelic help, they’re depriving someone else who might deserve it more.

This isn’t true. It isn’t selfish to call in Divine help when you are struggling.

Angels are love-based energy beings, they are not limited by bodies, time or space. Angels only serve the Highest good not the ego’s selfish demands.

They help you to understand your life lessons, they don’t take over, but they do bring wisdom, healing, guidance and comfort so you can learn and grow!

When you are Divinely connected your inner light and loving intention helps others. You don’t have to be healed and successful to intend good for the world.

Angels and Archangels exist to help you to experience a higher love, healing and peace and understand the journey you are on.

Your inner peace and health do not deprive anyone, just as you breathing fresh air doesn’t deprive anyone of oxygen!

You have at least 2 guardian angels all to yourself but there are innumerable angels.  Irish mystic Lorna Byrne calls them unemployed angels! They are unemployed because they need your permission to fully intervene into your life and help you. #ask

Many people have forgotten about their angels, they don’t realize how much more peaceful and less stressed and alone they’d feel if only they called on their guardians for help. Imagine if the world’s leaders called on their angels, how different would life be?

Summoning angels is not selfish, because they help you for the Highest Good of all.

The Highest good means that your well being ADDS to the world, it does not take away. If you always say “For the Highest Good, according to Divine Will” after your requests. You are sure to co create a Divine outcome.

You also deploy some of those unemployed angels into the world, especially if you are adding prayers for the world.

Angels see the bigger Divine perspective of unconditional love, they know only the Divine way not the small limited, judgmental viewpoint of the human way.

With the angels help you are steered through life lessons, you grow in wisdom and you shine your light more brightly so that  peace, healing, wisdom and love will prevail in your life and the lives of others.


Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock



  1. Dennis Kriegh

    Do you have living angels I’m a 76 year old male with Parkinson’s disease need somebody to take care of me 24/7

    • Rachel

      I hope you soon find your “earth angel” carer Dennis. As I am sure you’ve figured this page is about the celestial angels.

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