The Wisdom To Face the Future

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Hey Beautiful Soul,

Here we are about to wrap up  crazy confusing and transformational 2020 and enter a New Year! (hands up if you love new beginnings too?)

As with all endings, before we move on… it’s important to process: understand the lessons, and do your best to release any built up fear. (this is where the angels step in and do that hard work for us!)

Archangels Uriel and Michael are the perfect angels for this job!

Archangel Uriel helps you understand the lessons from the past so you can use the wisdom to face & create your future.

Then you can make transformational choices and intentions that will lift your life to a higher level.

One of the biggest spiritual lessons 2020 taught us was the importance of finding peace & higher guidance even in the midst of heightened fear and negativity. (Yes it is possible)

I don’t know about you but in the first half of 2020 I swayed wildly between anxiety and gloom about the world and excited inspiration about the ascension! It was all about the energy and whether you tuned into the high frrequencies of the ascension or the low fear vibes on the media!

As we move into 2021, honing the life skill of staying centred in peace and the higher vibes is going to fast track you to living the life you’ve been dreaming of. 

(Hint Fear is your main obstacle)

We all remember the crazy, fear-induced energy with non stop news alerts, & social media flooded with fear based opinions and theories.

The psychic ‘noise’ from all that fear was toxic, distracting and paralysing at times. It fed into personal fears and created an epidemic of doubt, division and overwhelm.

This toxic energy made it very hard to discern the higher truth & find peace. This  was a magnification of the choice you are always faced with: low energy and fear or higher consciousness and peace. 

You are a sensitive soul, with big dreams and a big heart, but sometimes self doubt, overwhelm and fear get the better of you.

Your wise higher self ALWAYS knows the answers, but when you are in the grip of fear it’s tough to tune into what your soul is telling you.

Fear is louder and more intrusive.

The angels teach that peace  is always the answer no matter what you are going through. They can help clear you of the tendrils  of fear and guide you to a high frequency space where you can reconnect with your Divine self again.

Fear is a very realistic illusion that creates all the problems in the world. But you do not have to let it beat you.

Once you learn simple methods to overcome fear , overwhelm, low self worth you get your power and your sparkle back!

That is when your purpose can kick in.

You have so many big dreams,  you are here to make a difference and shine your light in a way that brings you complete joy!

I can help you to overcome the fear and clear past experiences from your energy so you can feel connected, calm and excited about your future. Learn the skills to stay connected, to get clear answers from your intuition and your angels.

Is it time for you to tune out from fear for good and turn the volume up on your intuition so you can access your true guidance? Are you ready to step into your power and

I will help you to do this and more at the Awaken Your Soul Gifts Program. starting January 29th 2021.

This 4 week online course is taught live with lifetime access to replays.

This is my foundational and life changing Intuition program.

In this 4 weeks you will experience 6 live 90 minute sessions:  4 training modules and 2 Healing Sessions. Additional bonuses and content: private mentoring, * Meditations, Audio Lessons, PDF Worksheets and More.

You will learn to  raise your vibration, discover 3 techniques to acccess intuitive answers quickly and easily, you will go through a process of clearing energy blocks, and learn practices that will fast track your intuition and help you discern your guidance.

Contact me if you would like to know more.

Book  your spot at this program here: Awaken Your Soul Gifts 2021 

Angel Blessings  & Happy New Year

Rachel  x

Ps I am away until 5/1/21. Go here if you’d like  to see my video recorded after the 21/ 12/ 20 solstice at Kings Canyon 



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