Trouble Free Travel for Spiritually Sensitive People

I love to travel to beautiful spiritual places to recharge my psychic vibes. Over the years I have gathered some vital wisdom and Angel practices to keep my sensitive energy protected, calm, and grounded while I am away.

Travel can bring its own unique challenges. Deciding what to pack, fitting it all in, lugging your bags to your destination on time and safely. It can feel so stressful especially if you are delayed or something unexpected occurs.

When you are spiritually sensitive then travelling can open a whole new dimension of empathy and energy! I used to suffer overwhelming anxiety about flying, which has now completely healed.( Read below about how I did that)

I realize now the anxiety was because I am so sensitive and I needed to fully protect and ground my energy before, during and after a trip. I was picking up on all the fearful energies of the crowded airports, stressed tourists and altering frequencies. I had to learn how to stay centred and aligned spiritually and take care of my vibes whilst travelling.

A trip to a new place can positively or negatively affect your subtle energies and have a lasting effect on your mind, body and spirit. Sometimes a foreign illness or jet lag has more to do with vibes than “bugs”, maybe a fear of flying could be a past or present life trauma and often you can cure travel sickness with a simple angel prayer to ground yourself.

In days gone by people rode horses or walked to a new destination, giving their energy time to adjust to the new environment, the air quality, the earth’s frequencies, the time differences, and the surroundings. In ancient times our ancestors called in their spiritual guides to help them and would never enter a new area without first calling on the guardians of the new land for permission to pass through.

These days we traverse thousands of kilometres in a few hours, with barely a thought of how it affects our energy and bodies. Our chakras have very little chance to adjust and it is rare to think of asking for permission and protection from unseen guardians.

I choose to travel to mostly high-frequency destinations like Uluru, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and other places with lots of natural and positive earth energy, where I know my sensitive energy and psychic channels are going to be recharged.

However, getting there in a healthy aura often means taking care of my psychic energy before and during my trip and making sure I am acting in spiritual integrity when I arrive.

Most sensitives agree that crowded areas like airports can be difficult to navigate, not only are you dealing with a large variety of people and their emotional states but your change of location can mean that you encounter differing unseen energies including unfamiliar electromagnetic and psychic frequencies.

Here are some tried and tested methods to stay healthy, centred and protected as you travel:

-A few hours or days before leaving sit down in meditation, ask your angels to gather and tell them the dates of your journey.

-Ask for their protection, for smooth travel arrangements and good health. Set your intentions for the journey. ( you can do this while traveling if you forget)
* If you are a Reiki 2 Practitioner you can “send” Reiki to the dates of travel to protect you and ensure smooth passage.

-On the day of travel Shield yourself with a dark purple or blue bubble of light, setting the intention that you are protected in all ways.
-Invoke Archangel Raphael -the Archangel of travel and healing to be with you for the entire trip. He will protect and guide you; you will find everything flows smoothly.

-Incidentally Archangel Raphael will also protect you against ill health and travel sickness if you ask and guide you through your thoughts during the trip.

-Fill a glass of water, sip then say a prayer for a safe journey then throw it out of your front door onto your path before leaving. This is an ancient travel protection technique and invokes protection for you, your family, your home and your possessions

-Try Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). This along with cord cutting, prayer, and Archangel Michael  totally cured me of a high level , lifelong fear of flying.I can now relax when flying! Look up videos about EFT on youtube. I like Nick Ortner.

-Invoke the Angels and ask for their intervention: Before a flight, I ask the angels to help me to have a smooth and very pleasant trip. On a recent trip to ALice Springs I was upgraded on another trip with tight connections my friend gave me a guest pass to the lounge!

-Ask for signs- the Angels will send you signs to comfort and reassure you during your journey. I have found feathers on my seat, seen the number 44 on tee shirts, heard angel songs and other angel signs on planes.I once found a huge white feather under my chair at LAX!

-Carry Crystals such as black tourmaline,tourmalated quartz, smoky quartz, sugilite, Shungite, or tiger’s eye to transmute the heavy electromagnetic vibrations found in airports, hotels, buses, trains, planes etc

-Bring oils and sprays that help with energy cleansing and protection. You can make up a special blend to protect against emfs and viruses! Take a comfy mask by the way!

-Ground yourself before, during and after arriving. Travelling can make you feel spiritually disconnected and misaligned. This is because your energy centres need to adjust to the new place and you are moving your earth star chakra from one destination to another. Grounding while you travel is also a good way to ensure against travel sickness Also send tree roots from your base chakra deep into the earth on arrival at your new destination too to protect yourself against jet lag and make sure you are present.

-Take a mini altar- setting up a mini altar in your accommodation can help you to feel centred, connected and protected while you are away. I take a small crystal, photos of loved ones,  a statue of an angel or an angel card, a tea light candle, a shell, and a piece of sage, oils. ( you may not be able to light the candle or sage due to fire alarms but just having them is enough)

-On arrival at your destination ask the angels to clear the room you are staying in of any lower energies including those of past guests. Use your own room cleansing methods. I take a space clearing spray, sage or use Reiki symbols and prayer. You will sleep better! (it also helps to prevent spirit visitors)

-Wherever you are travelling pay respects to the Traditional Owners of the Land where you are staying when you arrive. This can help you to feel more peaceful and add another layer of protection where you are. If you are in Australia you can Google the town and Traditional Owners and you will find the name of the tribe or language group. Otherwise just aloud or in your mind say” I give my respects to the traditional owners of this place past and present and I thank you for allowing me to be here.”

Invocation and Prayer to the Travel Angels:

Dear God, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Guardian angels, thank you for overseeing this entire journey.
I intend for this trip to be  protected, smooth, joyful, magical, successful, peaceful, relaxing, safe, (add your own intentions)
Archangel Raphael and Michael please protect me and my companions, our luggage Please shield me and surround my transport with light, I entrust my trip to you and I keep you close in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for creating a peaceful, smooth running, joyful, safe trip.
Thank you for protecting my home and pets while I am away, surround all with white light and leave guardian angels to look after them.

Please show me signs and guide me where necessary.


Travelling with the Angels is always more pleasant, safer and less stressful than without.
I wish you safe travels!

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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Please comment below and let me know how this reading resonates for you! Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author

Having worked professionally for more than 2 decades Rachel is an expert in Angel communication and Psychic development who can help you to discover your guidance, ,develop your spiritual gifts, and connect with your angels.




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