I love to celebrate the December Solstice!

There is something special about taking a moment before the Christmas and the end of the year to connect with the energies of Earth & the Divine.

This year it is a much needed opportunity to replenish your physical and spiritual energy and lean on the immense spiritual support that is available.

Lightworkers have had a lot of demands on your personal energy this year. The Archangels have been working closely with us all to fulfil our purpose, to work through our ego issues and to share light to others, but now it is time for you!

Solstice is about celebrating and invoking the forces of light.

By calling up the Spirit of Heaven and Earth you can surrender the struggles and recharge your soul. You can give life to new beginnings and direct your energy to what matters.

Whether the days are getting longer or shorter in your part of the world, Solstice is a pivotal moment to connect to your soul.

I have created two ways for you to align with the Solstice energy & receive your guidance:

1- Discover your Angel messages for the December Solstice with this week’s special Archangel 

2I have also created a super easy Angel Ritual you can use to tap into the light energy of Solstice and the end of 2022. 

Here is a simple Angel Ritual you can use to set your intentions and honor the Solstice and end of year:

1- Light a Candle.

Write a list of all the things you want to celebrate about 2022

2-Prepare  your intentions;

What are you ready to let go of?

What are you open to receiving?

What is your wish/vision for the world in 2023?

What is your wish/vision for yourself in 2023?

3-As you stare at the flame invoke the Divine Spirit and the Archangels of the Four Directions:

I call upon Divine Spirit & the Angels, Elementals, Ancestors and Guardians of the four directions.

  • Archangel Michael, Angel of the South, Element of Fire
  • Archangel Gabriel, Angel of the West Element of Water
  • Archangel Uriel, Angel of the North Element of Earth
  • Archangel Raphael, Angel of the East Element of Air

4-If you wish place  4 objects such as crystals, flowers, feathers or shells in a cross shape to represent each of the 4 directions.-You can place a crystal at the centre to represent Divine Spirit/ Universe/ God.

5-Ask for protection.

6-Read out your intentions: for yourself, for the planet- in alignment with the Solstice & Divine Will.

Ask for guidance, protection and healing intervention.

7-If you have a deck of Angel Oracle Cards, this is a great moment to pull a card from each Archangel for some extra guidance.

8-Ask the Angels to clear and transmute energies that you are ready to release from 2021 and beyond. As you take deep breaths imagine the candle flame expanding to receive those fears, emotions, problems, experiences, and relationships.

9- Then state aloud what you want to receive in exchange. For example you could say: I am willing and open to receive greater abundance in the form of a new career matching my purpose.  I am willing and open to receive more Divine Love in my relationships, I am open to receive more peace and harmony in my life.

10-Make a sincere prayer for peace on Earth. Spend a few moments sending healing and love to Mother Earth and all who call her home including the plant and animal kingdom.

Give thanks for all that you receive in life spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and in all ways.

11- Thank the Archangels, angels, guardians, ancestors, guides, elementals, and Divine Source for helping you to be more mindful of your power, your purpose and your spiritual connection to all things.

To finish, you can say: Close Circle or bid each Archangel goodbye and blow out the candle.

Expect to receive guidance and signs after this powerful ritual. Write any insights or visions down. (Wishing you a Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays!

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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  1. Sandra Horne

    Thanks again,Rachel, for all the gifts & lessons you have taught us over the years.
    I have really benefited from your advice &
    Being able to call out to Angels when in
    Need has overcome my anxiety.
    Thanks again
    Luv Sandra

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Hi Sandra
      I am so happy to hear this! Well done in overcoming Anxiety, that is a huge achievement. Thank you for your support over the years.
      Blessings Rachel x

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