The World Needs Your Light.

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When you feel sad or worried about personal or world events, the following angel message and prayers will help you to shine light and love on any situation. (5 min read)

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The world can feel like a heavy and harsh place right now.

It’s understandable that you might be feeling the effects of this through a low mood, upsetting thoughts,and feelings of powerlessness.

Your angels want you to know that there is hope and light.

You are a light in human form, no matter what emotions you may feel in this moment, the light of your soul never dims!

Your very existence manifests love on the planet!

You are valuable to the Divine and the angels and to everyone else.

On a soul level you have a very worthwhile purpose. Even if you can’t see it right now. Your angels can!

Your deep desire to see a more peaceful, loving, kinder world, powerfully radiates your light outwards creating healing effects for everyone.

When you pray you direct your inner light, loving intentions, and many angels, to the focus of your prayer!

Your prayer light merges with others, creating a powerful healing effect. You dissolve the outer effects of fear and ego replacing them with peace and love.

Your prayers hav th power to ccrate miracles.

Today call on angels and work with them to lift the energy of those in need (including yourself) Allow them to cleanse the debris of grief, conflict, and pain from your heart.

The angels will team up with you to do the same for others, if it is your desire.

Please do not give in to fear and darkness. Remember that fear is a very convincing illusion and the more power that we give it, the stronger it seems.

Here are 2 prayers and a longer channelled angel message

Dear one, We see your pain and your worries, along with your concerns for the world and those that you care about. 

We ask that you call on us when you feel powerless and lacking in hope

Allow us to lift your burdens of pain, and direct your energy into heartfelt prayers.

When you pray you simultaneously call on us and we direct healing Divine light and love towards the subject of your prayers.

We can intervene and carry your powerful prayers to those who most need them.

Your light becomes the governing force joining other streams of light.

If only you could see the strength of the light within you when it is radiated with heartfelt yearning for a better world!

While you may be angry or feel cause to argue with others, please know we understand but respectfully ask that you do not entangle yourself with the lower emotional vibrations of fear and ego.

These will only darken your energy and cause you to forget your light.

Every prayer you send makes a difference. Please do not be fooled into thinking that you are powerless or that darkness has taken over. 

It cannot. Fear is an illusion of darkness which can only trick you into believing it has power.

Your light is immense. You are loved.

Your Angels x

When you want to send healing prayers to those who are suffering. Use this prayer. 

Dear God, Archangel Michael, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel and all Guardian Angels,

Please direct healing, peace, and harmony to all who need it.

I request great numbers of angels and archangels to go to this situation and where there is suffering and darkness in our world

Please surround this entire situation with your powerful light, healing and protection and please bring about peace.

Thank you for helping me to shine my light for the Highest good of all. 

And so it is


When you feel weighed down with sadness or fear about world or personal events- use this prayer:

Dear Angels,

I call upon you now to lift the heavy burdens of fear from my mind, body, and spirit.  Please heal my heart of any grief that blocks my awareness of love’s presence. I surrender my worries and allow God and the angels to gently lift away my fears so I can feel centred and peaceful again.

Please help me to be a force of love and light in the world.


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Angel Blessings
Rachel x

Angel Medium

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  1. Kelli Keener

    Thank you so much for this…it has truly helped to brighten my inner light and to remind me to call upon the angels in this horrible time. As always…you send me the message and reminder that I need at the precise moment …thank you Rachel ??

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