The Life Changing, Spiritual Practice Of Grounding

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I am a person who feels and thinks a lot!
My deep sensitivity is part of my purpose, it’s my super-power most of the time.

BUT, when the world energy intensifies, life gets overly emotional or my to do list gets too long I can feel overwhelmed, anxious & totally unfocused.

I have to work harder to make decisions.

Like an egg splatted on the floor my energy goes in all directions!

This is when I know it is time to ground myself.

Grounding your energy instantly shifts anxiety & feelings of overwhelm. It brings your energy back to your body, focuses your mind and reconnects your intuition.

If you have been feeling fatigued, anxious, or disconnected lately read on to learn the how the practice of grounding could shift everything for the better!

What is Grounding?

Grounding  is a simple yet highly spiritual practice, which can radically advance your intuitive gifts and heal your life.

To be ungrounded means that your energy (spirit) is disconnected from your physical body and surroundings.

If you’ve ever walked or driven somewhere and completely missed the details of the journey, then you know what it is to be temporarily ungrounded.

Clairvoyantly, it appears that the spirit is floating above the body like a balloon.

Becoming ungrounded is something that happens in varying degrees. You can feel unfocused, disconnected, light headed and it can even lead to panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.
If you are ungrounded you may struggle with racing thoughts. Physical symptoms like hunger, shakiness, or hot flushes could be related to being “out of body”.
If you tend to soak up the emotions of others, being ungrounded makes it ten times worse.
Your intuitive messages will becom fuzzy and confused and you’ll feel disconnected from your surroundings.
All this leaves you open to outside and negative energies and an open door for boundary breakers to sneak in.
Daily grounding can put a stop to all this and help you to feel stronger,and more in control of your life.

Your Spirit, mind and body are meant to be one. Connected and aligned in the same place.

How do we become ungrounded?

It’s easy to become disconnected and disassocated with the world around you. Some people automatically go out of body, to escape uncomfortable or overwhelming situations.

Here are some triggers:

Sensitivity to Energy and Emotional atmospheres:  Many sensitive and empathic souls find it  difficult to be grounded because they feel so much. It’s rare to be taught grounding at school

A Toxic Lifestyle: addictive behaviours, drugs, alcohol, stimulents, caffeine, sugar, and even processed foods can be ungrounding. (Think anything that is over stimulating or that you use to “escape”)

Stress: Most intuitive or sensitive people can become ungrounded because of stress. They become disconnected from their body and surrounds.

Trauma: Many people go out of body after a significant shock, trauma, or from living in a stressful environment.

Attempts to Escape: Going out of your body can be an unhealthy coping mechanism that you’ve used escape from problems, intense emotions, or negative energy. It can originate in childhood because you couldn’t physically escape.

Unprotected Spiritual Practices: Some types of meditation and spiritual work can send you out of body if you haven’t properly protected and grounded yourself. A good spirtual teacher will make sure that you’re protected and grounded.

Fear-Bad dreams, scary movies, secondary trauma, fear-based thoughts can send you out of body.

A simple grounding practice will take care of all of this and protect you moving forward.

I wish that grounding was taught in schools along with other forms of energy protection and managmeent. It would clear up a lot of challenges and symptoms that so many people struggle with!


How to Ground Yourself

A regular grounding practice has huge benefits to you in every part of your life. It gives you your power back and protects your energy.

Here is one of my favorite grounding techniques:

Imagine Source energy as bright light, streaming down from above your head and surrounding your body from head to foot. You are completely enveloped in this healing light.

Now imagine this light pouring into your body via the top of your head, making a pillar from your crown to the base of your spine. 

 Visualize this energy becoming a strong root down reaching from your base chakra (tailbone) into the earth beneath your feet.  Imagine a large disc of golden light under your soles (this is your Earth Star Chakra). Send that strong root through the disc of light  and then into the earth securing you into the centre.  There is red crystal deep in the centre of the earth with your name etched on it. Wrap your roots around your red crystal and secure it. Take some deep clearing breaths.

Affirm yourself as fully present, aware and supported by mother earth.

Breathe in through your nose, filling your lungs, hold and then exhale through the mouth completely, do this 3 or more times. Call your spirit back into your body by saying “I now call my spirit back to me from all places I have left myself”  or visualize your spiritual self coming back into your body through  the top of your head.  See it as if your body is a full hooded wet-suit and your spirit is filling the suit up.

Here are some tips for staying grounded.

Do the above ‘grounding root” practice daily to strengthen the bond between spirit and body. Drop any stress into the earth through your grounding root.

*Get outside in nature daily and place your bare or socked feet on natural surface such as grass, sand or soil* This is very powerful especially when combined with the above practice

While driving or walking, name objects in your line of vision. This brings you into the moment and grounds you.

Drink plenty of water, exercise, eat regularly and healthily.

Take slow, deep breaths- Breathing brings you back to the present moment.

Carry grounding crystals like hematite and natural smoky quartz,.

There are some helpful audio meditations in my Free Angel Library and in store to help you to ground yourself. 

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author and Teacher with 21 years in professional practice. She gives readings, and teaches classes and programs to develop your intuitive gifts and communicate with the angels.

You can work with Rachel by booking a private reading, joining the powerful monthly Angel attunements, or signing up for a retreat or program. Contact me to find out more.



  1. Patz Tarleton

    Thank you. Really needed to be reminded whats happening. My sensitivity has been out of control to the point of overthinking everything and feeling I need to just retreat into myself. I think when you get to this point you forget to do your grounding that does bring you back to self. So thank you❤

    • Rachel Scoltock

      You are so right. It’s such a necessary practice for sensitive and empathic people. Have a beautiful week. Rachelx


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