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If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or your desires aren’t manifesting as quickly as you’d like. Then you need to read this article to learn how to surrender your struggles to the angels.

When you feel weighed down with responsibilities, negativity, or underlying fears that your dreams won’t come true, it is a sure sign that you are trying too hard to do everything yourself.

Add to that a dash of “people pleasing “A sprinkle of guilt.

A streak of independence.
A dollop of self-comparison.?

…and before you know it you are buried under a pile of exhaustion and misery, feeling like your dreams are never going to come true!

I know how easy it is to fall into this trap. (

I once made a to do list for my business on a 5 ft white board.  (not kidding)

I had a full-blown panic attack when faced with all the things I thought I HAD to do to make my business successful!

95 percent of it was completely unnecessary and ridiculous.

I called for Divine help and eventually realized my problem.

I wiped the board clean.

Once I was calm again,  I remembered that I was connected to Divine wisdom and angels.

I didn’t have to follow the path that all the self titled gurus told me I needed to.

I just had to stay out of fear and tune into my angels for guidance and synchronicity.

1 simple step at a time!

We are never left alone to carry our burdens. (or carry out our to do lists!)

But the ego loves to tell us that we are.

When ego takes over you will always feel like you are running the wrong way up an escalator! That you are unworthy, that you have made too many mistakes, that you’re a disaster.

This egoic focus on lack, fear and separation makes you believe that you aren’t enough and you can’t ask for help.

The harder you try, the more you feel like you’re never going to get what you want.

If all this sounds familiar I want you to do these 3 simple things right now:

1- Visualize Archangel Michael & your guardian angels standing in a field with a giant bucket. Mentally imagine putting your stressors, the to do list, the fears and anyone related to the stress into the bucket.


Watch as the angels effortlessly lift the bucket up and away from your mental & emotional grasp.

Say: I now surrender this entire situation to God and the Angels in exchange for peace. Angels please intervene and remind me that I am not alone. I give you full permission to help me!  Amen

(Be prepared to cross out some of your to-do list!)

2. Use these mantras- each time you are tempted to tune into fear , doom, and negativity:  “I can choose peace rather than this” “I am guided and assisted by Angels every moment of every day” I am SAFE. 

3. Do something that brings you peace – like rest or walk in nature, or play music.

In the meantime you will be surprised what falls into place when your ego is not steering your mindset and your vibration into a ditch

Tune out from ego and tune into your Divine guidance.

Peace is the only true path that will take you where you want to be.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher.




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  1. Fatima Issa

    Thank you so much dear Rachel for this wonderful reminder. As of late I have been feeling somewhat weighed down by heavy burdens, disconnected and sometimes I keep forgetting to ask for Divine help! I now turn all of my anxieties, worries and stresses over to the Divine Creator, Angels and Benevolent Light Beings to work it all out and guide me as necessary. As always I love your messages, guidance, wisdom and generosity! Blessings to you and yours beautiful Soul 🙂
    Much Love to you!
    Appreciate you and regards.
    Fatima Issa

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Blessings to you too!! We all forget sometimes Fatima, I think our angels understand that so they nudge us with angel numbers and signs. x

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