The Frequency of Prosperity


Are you ready to get onto the frequency of Prosperity?

Are you ready to drop struggle stress and fear around having enough? Do you want to stop allowing fear to control your life decisions ?

One of the “energy codes” you need to access to fulfil your lightwork soul contract is Spiritual Abundance. Codes are spiritual lessons that when learnt raise your vibration and take you to a higher level in your life.

Before you learn the codes, you are unawakened, unaware but living life from a perspective of fear. Each code brings wisdom and healing, allowing you to accept a new way of being and living. You drop negativity, limitation and ignorance that keeps you indefinitely stuck. You work through your past painful experiences so they no longer sabotage your life.

It is a spiritual lesson to recognise the keys to manifesting spiritual and material abundance so that you can let go of life-times of scarcity and lack based thoughts, and see the Universe as your supplier.

Abundance is not BAD or WRONG, nor is it reserved for the lucky or born rich.

These are all myths perpetuated by scarcity itself to make it seem impossible to reach security and infinite flow.

Abundance actually perpetuates self responsibility and empowerment. You can pay your bills, fulfil your needs and desires you stop being needy, relying on outside help, you can let go of a big chunk of worry and fear, you can help other people. You stop radiating fear and struggle.

Prosperity also allows you to transmit unconditional love, share your abundance with others and add to the frequency of love and peace on the planet.

When you are nourished, whole and self reliant financially- you can serve from a deeper place.

Just close your eyes and imagine having… Enough Rest, Enough money to pay bills, to spare and share, Enough time,  Enough of what you need.

It feels good because your nervous system can calm down and not be on edge all the time.

To reach this frequency in reality you need to become aware of and transmute the negativity that you hold mentally and in your energy field associated with abundance, worthiness, success , and allowing yourself to receive.

Empaths have often walked paths of poverty in the past (past lifetimes and in this life time) because of persecution , guilt, ignorance and fear of asking for money for their services. Many have lived lives of dependance relying on another person or family or government for support and while this can be helpful in and a lesson in itself, it can also be disempowering because your Soul wants to teach you about the infinite nature of Abundance. 

Times have changed in this new paradigm we no longer have to live in a poverty frequency or learn those lessons. We can raise our vibration and then teach others to do the same, lead by example and we can also share that abundance with others. 

The current challenge now is to rise above those struggles and use your light and energy to serve in a bigger way. The negativity needs to be transmuted for the greater good because it holds back the abundance frequency for everyone. 

Each time one person heals a negative belief and welcomes the frequency of abundance they send a ripple effect around the world that heals and raises the vibration for others. 

Everyone has access to Source energy and therefore everyone has access to creating and attracting abundance in all forms. Material abundance is still energy and it responds to your inner beliefs, thoughts, actions and emotions.

Struggle is exhausting, I spent a number of years in financial struggle after moving to Australia. I had to shift my energy and study the law of attraction to lift myself out of it.

Changing your money frequency is not a one time journey, it’s like a step ladder, you always have somewhere else to climb and new lessons to learn as you peel back the subconscious and mass consciousness layers of belief.

Some empaths keep themselves in struggle because they feel guilt about charging for their work , or they keep themselves stuck in sabotaging cycles of not enough. They worry that it is wrong to accept prosperity, because they’ve heard that money is the root of evil. They associate money with greed and dishonesty. They try to over give and over work to prove their worthiness to receive what they need!

I had a marvelous session with a therapist recently who really helped me,  at the end I asked her for the price and she mumbled a figure so quietly I did not hear. “Pardon? ” I said.

She said with a sigh- “$250-I’m so sorry! Is that okay?”

Of Course! I said shocked that this previously confident and capable woman turned to a bumbling mess when it came to money.

I paid the bill happily it was more than worth it, while Inwardly smiling, because I used to be her.

I would compulsively discount people because I felt guilty and even give them a gift of a deck of cards or a book or crystal to compensate for my guilt! Even though I had given a great healing and reading session and often went over time.

Sometimes I would cry afterwards because I’d done myself out of money that I ACTUALLY  NEEDED! I was struggling to pay my bills and yet I wasn’t charging appropriately. ( this ended up attracting some customers who wanted something for nothing, and who took advantage of my generosity)

I was compulsively over giving with out realising that I had some pretty negative self sabotaging beliefs that were causing me to stay broke and stuck

How could I advance my business and grow spiritually while I was allowing these low frequencies to control my life?

Once I realized how I was sabotaging myself, I had to rid myself of the core beliefs that were causing this bizarre behaviour.  I made a commitment to release and transmute those fearful negative energies. I also dropped a lot of other scarcity based behaviours and put boundaries around my business.

This changed everything including my health and energy levels. Almost instantly I  attracted new clients who were honest, happy to pay my rates and very focused on self healing.

Are you now ready to release those beliefs, fears and behaviours that hold you in struggle?

Type YES  below in the comments if you are ready to transmute those beliefs and accept the abundance codes. What beliefs do you hold that create scarcity for you?

You can watch this week’s Video Message about Connecting with the Frequency of Prosperity HERE

This is something I offer in my private Soul Clarity Sessions, workshops and retreats and I am excited about teaching in my energy skills workshop and other upcoming programs for Lightworkers. I  offer 1 on 1 Rich Radiant Angel immersions to help you to gain clarity on your beliefs about abundance, raise your financial frequency and clear those barriers to abundance and success. Find out more here

Love and Blessings

Rachel Scoltock




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