The Divine Meaning of Blocks, Barriers and Delays

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First: A little bit of housekeeping and a big sorry- last week’s Divine Activation Meditation Freebie Link did not work for some people.  I have redone themeditation link HERE as an mp3 which you can now  easily download. My apologies for any frustration caused!

At first I beat myself up about this little mishap. In my mind I called it an “Epic Fail” I felt deflated.

Then I remembered something important💖

That a roadblock is NOT a SIGN to give up! 

Anytime that you hit a block IT DOES not  mean that the Universe is trying to get you to abandon your dreams or that  you are a failure or that you did something bad!

Quite the opposite in fact.

What was interesting was that a large amount of people wrote to me suggesting that the reason they didn’t get their meditation was that perhaps the Universe and their angels “didn’t want them to hear it”.

I was a bit surprised by that assumption and also pretty clear that this was not the case. 

HOWEVER, It got me thinking,

How many times when something doesn’t work out, do we take it as an actual signal from the Divine that we shouldn’t keep going with our dreams and intentions?

Doubt throws up pretty depressing thoughts:
Perhaps I am not meant to be in a healthy relationship.
Maybe I am not naturally business minded.
What if I am not meant to be a musician, an artist, a healer….?
God doesn’t want me to have money in this lifetime.
Maybe it’s my Karma to struggle…

BUT….What if a block or a challenge doesn’t actually mean give up?

What if it really means that you ARE definitely on the right track but you are growing?

Blocks and barriers, failures and doubts are an invitation to grow, to learn something new, to try something different, to be tenacious and stay committed. To weed out your negative beliefs and stretch out of your comfort zone.

Most importantly:
They are an invitation to RE-align with the Divine and to surrender.

The fact that you are disappointed and worried that the Universe is sending you a big NO, is a sign in itself! 

Your disappointment, grief and doubt show you that you WANT what you want so deeply. (Your desire is Divinely inspired)

The block is just a sign that you need an energy re-alignment

You are being redirected to find a better path forward.

Divine intelligence is teaching you, an important lesson that you need to learn.

But you won’t get that lesson until you stop assuming that the barrier means that you aren’t meant to go ahead!

Whenever I present a healing class, program or retreat, there’s often at least one person who hits a block of some kind. 

A tree falls across the car park entrance (yes this did happen!), they feel a cold coming on,  their partner doesn’t want them to attend, they’re not sure where the money will come from, they get a flat tyre the morning of the event.

They really really want to be there but doubt creeps in…

That’s usually when they’ll call me with a heavy heart and say “ I don’t think I am meant to do this!”

I always tell them to invoke the angels and keep going, it will all work out. ( and it always does!)

A lovely lady attending Angels at Uluru, was super late for her flight, so late that she just told her partner to turn the car around because she knew she’d miss the plane. He refused and kept driving. She prayed all the way!
She arrived to the airport WAY after they’d closed the check-in counter BUT the steward informed her that the flight had waited for her! She  told us this story sitting at the base of Uluru. 🙂 it all worked out.


However, she definitely would have missed the workshop if her self doubt had been allowed turn her back.

Barriers, delays and blocks ARE NEVER signs to give up on your dreams. 

They are redirecting you, teaching you, helping you to have more faith, asking you to surrender, reminding you to invite Divine assistance.

The Divine is always on your side, it always wants you to succeed, thrive and have joy. It will support you 100% in anything that is for your highest good and sparks passion, abundance, love and peace.

It may not be easy, there will likely be barriers- but if you recognise them for what they are, they won’t hold you back!

(PS the universe also never encourages you to stay in abusive or destructive situations, eat unhealthy foods or do anything harmful)

As for me, last week I learned how to download an app that easily converts all audio my files to mp3, I discovered that the Divine Activation meditation is creating amazing results and that I have a lot of supportive, patient and appreciative followers!

Have an Awesome week!


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Angel Blessings 

Rachel x

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