I Ran to The Bathroom in Tears


Pour yourself a cup of your favorite drink. Let’s chat about the sneaky elephant that creeps into the room every time you decide to do something to transform your life.🐘

Yes it happens to almost everyone,


Of being judged

Of failing

Of not being good enough

Of spending the money/ time/ energy on something no one else understands. 

You start to think:

I’ll wait another year

Am I being selfish?

What will “they” say?

What if it doesn’t work?

All those  fears & doubts  keep you stuck, powerless and going around in circles not getting where you truly want and need to be.

I’ve experienced  these fears too and there have been  times when I let them get the better of me.

Like that time just before I finally got the courage to follow my purpose.

I took  a truly awful job working next to a man who made inappropriate remarks all day long and appeared to to be allergic to deodorant. 😒

My  big dream was to attend a training course for angel mediumship & intuition in Sydney so I could finally start my healing business.

But…🐘 I was worried about spending the money & upsetting my partner at the time who was opposed to spirituality. (and spending money)

I often wondered if I should give up & stick to a “normal job”🤮

To keep the peace I’d taken this soul sucking job, thinking I could squirrel away the money and do the course next year or whenever…

But my angels & my inner voice had other ideas!😇😇

They were practically SCREAMING at me to quit and get on with my dream life.

(I feel yukky even writing about that time)

Then one morning, the misogyny and bad jokes went way too far & I ran to the bathroom in tears. 

Staring at my pinched, blotchy face in the mirror, I was shocked at how bad things had become.

It was then I asked myself … what if nothing changes for another year?

My heart pounded. I knew I could not live like this another moment. 

So I quit, on the spot with NO notice. I told that creep what I thought and marched out of the place with my head held high. 

I swore to myself that I would NEVER again ignore my intuition or put off my personal happiness for anything or anyone.

At home I told my partner I was going to Sydney to do the course and I paid the deposit that night. 💃💥

I had an inner knowing that everything would sort itself out after that.

It did. 

A fortnight later,  through a series of synchronicities I had the full amount for the course and accommodation and spending money in my account!

The course changed my life, it put me on my soul path & affirmed what I already knew.

A few months later I started my very own successful healing business and have never looked back!  (18 years ago this July)

Listening to my guidance rather than my fear mind shifted my life irrevocably. 

The Universe ALWAYS rewards right -guided action.

I know how scary it can be to take a leap of faith that leads to change. 

But it’s way worse to stay stuck, living the same old lack, limitation and frustration over and over, while feeling that life is leaving you behind.

If you are commited to living an inspired, meaningful life, you must not allow fear to drown out your soul’s voice!

You are here to fulfil your potential, to express your soul gifts in your own unique way.

To do that you need to own your power, know your worth and TRUST in the guidance that repeats in your mind.

AND Keep following the guidance even when it feels hard and the negative voices are the loudest.

Because believe me that is when a breakthrough is about to happen!

So tell me…

Will you commit to following your guidance rather than your fears this year? 


I invite you to sign up for Awaken Your Soul Gifts is  my  signature 4 week LIVE program to clear the fear and receive your guidance.

I designed this program to help you to make a shift in your life away from fear and onto your soul path.

Over the 4 weeks I will give you the steps to understand and receive clear intuitive direction,  I will guide you through 2 healings to remove the blocks and fears that dull that inner voice and keep you stuck in fear.  By the end of this program you will feel clear, free, light and confident in your next steps, you will feel certainty and peace about your future.  You  will gain a powerful intuitive connection and skills to use every day of your life to keep that connection strong.

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3- Don’t wait another moment and book in NOW

Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock x


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