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Can you feel the shift? The world energies are beginning to lighten up, giving us a chance to reset and realign.

The energies of the past few months have been incredibly intense and challenging. They have brought blessings as well as stresses though. This important time of “awakening” has served to help us all to see the unhealthy, draining, and toxic situations in our lives (and the world) and make important changes.

It is a chance to become more aligned with what you want and who you are and let go of those hidden saboteurs and fears that hold you back.

I know a woman who has been feeling stuck for years, it was affecting her health, her relationships and finances. A few weeks ago she was offered an amazing opportunity out of the blue. She is happier than I have ever seen her. This is how the Universe is working with us, if we can surrender the fear and trying to control too much.

On a global level laws are changing; people are learning new inclusive ways to live and remove systemic racism and other prejudices.

You may be wondering what you can do to create your new beginning and how exactly to shift your life to a new higher level too. The first step is often releasing heavy blocking energies and fears and the second is connecting into your guidance.

This week I have both covered for you!

On Friday Sydney Australia time I am holding a special zoom workshop during which I will guide you through a guided cleanse of your auric field. This will  help you to release density and fear that you may be holding in your aura as well as cords and other low energies that have bound you in low frequencies such as scarcity, fear, anxiety, and powerlessness.

This is a powerful healing with an opportunity to receive clear guidance from the angels for your next steps.

You will also receive a powerful aura activation- An uplifting healing bringing your aura to a new level of Divine brightness. Making you into a beacon of light for others. Archangel Metatron and Michael will expand your field to the 5D to bring about new beginnings and abundance for you.

In this class you will learn how to attract success abundance and healing through your auric field, reset your psychic boundaries, call back energy from past relationships and other places where you lost power.

You will also learn how easily tune into the current colours of your aura and discover what those colours mean for your next steps.

By the end of this class you will have created a strong energy boundary and a vibrant magnetic field to attract abundance & aligned success.

You can expect to feel lighter, with a brighter intuitive clarity and a deep connection to your angels and your guides.

Please bring a crystal to the event so it can be attuned to the high frequencies and angel energy & you can use that crystal to realign you anytime.

What: Healing Your Life through Your Aura

Via Zoom

Date – Friday 19th June 2020  10 am- 12 noon Sydney Australia time (Thursday 18th in UK/ Europe/US/CAN) check your timezone here

Price: $47 AUD approx. $29 USD $25GBP

This fun and healing event is held on ZOOM- THE LINK will be emailed to you check your inbox or spam.

Grab your favourite crystal and tap into your angels and your inner power!

Book your spot here

Angel Blessings Rachel x

The video reading for the week is here.

Image credit Dani Costelo Unsplash



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